5 Best Ways to Consume Hemp Flowers


Smoking hemp flowers has become much more popular in recent years because people want to reap the medicinal benefits and relaxing effects of CBD. At the same time, most of us don’t have the option of walking around stoned every day. Thus, hemp flowers (as opposed to industrial hemp, which is no good for smoking) are something of a game-changer. And let’s be honest, just smoking hemp each and every day kinda gets old at some point. You want to keep things exciting and try out different ways you can consume hemp flowers. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the five best methods of hemp flower consumption.

But before we do that, let’s start with the basics.

What Is a CBD Hemp Flower?

Hemp flower is the flowering part of the cannabis plant, which is usually referred to as a “bud.” One plant can give up to two pounds of these buds, which is a lot more than you might think. When you’re talking about something as light and airy as a dried flower, it takes quite a bit to make a pound.

Hemp flowers can be either male or female, but the females are generally the only ones that are used. In the wild, male plants will generally die off after they have pollinated the females, and do not give buds. If they are left in the same vicinity as female plants, the buds will become seedy, and the quality of the product will suffer.

Benefits Of Consuming These Flowers

We could write an entirely new article just about the benefits of consuming CBD, which is the active ingredient in the hemp flower. If we look at the minor ingredients, those pages could be expanded into different volumes. But let’s be honest, no one has time to read all of that. We just want to consume it and experience the benefits of doing that.

So instead of writing books and different volumes, we did condense all of that info into a shortlist:

  • 1. Fights nausea and stops vomiting
  • 2. Helps to relax the user and reduce anxiety
  • 3. Good for the prevention and treatment of seizures
  • 4. Can be used as an aid for those who wish to quit smoking
  • 5. Hemp seeds are very nutritious
  • 6. Effective for the relief of minor pain
  • 7. Helps in the treatment of chronic inflammation
  • 8. Pleasant taste and smell without the high

Different Ways of Consuming Hemp Flower

There are a few ways you can consume hemp flowers from https://mrhempflower.com/wholesale, every method has its own benefits and drawbacks. For instance, if you eat a hemp flower, its effects will last a lot longer compared to when you smoke it or vape it. One great thing about these CBD flowers is that they can be added to almost any kind of food. Obviously, brownies are one of the more common choices, as chocolate generally mixes well with the taste of CBD. Cookies are another obvious choice, and there are all kinds of other snacks that you can add CBD to.

When preparing hemp-based edibles, you can use the whole flower or a purified extract. If you really want to make something with maximum potency, you can also use both. Tea or other kinds of drinks are another way you can consume hemp flower without getting bored with just one thing.

Hemp Flower With Tea

If you take hemp flowers and brew them in the same way that you would brew tea leaves, you end up with a tasty and effective tea. You can add sugar or honey to sweeten it, but most people simply enjoy its natural taste. Some people choose to mix their hemp flowers with tea leaves or chamomile to create all sorts of interesting mixtures.

Vaping Hemp Flower

Vaping is an alternative to traditional smoking, but it doesn’t feel all that different. Instead of inhaling the smoke from a burnt substance, you inhale its extracted water vapor. Of course, this water vapor will contain the CBD and other ingredients that we want. If you are using the whole flower, you can use any vaporizer that is intended for marijuana use. If you’re using CBD oil, you should be able to use it in a standard vape pen.

Eating CBD Flower

We have already discussed this subject somewhat, but let’s touch on it again. Ingestion of CBD flowers is a great way to get their medicinal benefits. However, most commercial hemp oil is made from the seeds. This is because hemp seeds contain most of the plants’ nutritional value. Thus, eating these flowers will not give you a whole lot in that department. Nevertheless, they will still provide plenty of CBD if that’s what you’re looking for.


In case you don’t know, dabbing is a method of smoking that is normally used for consuming marijuana. Although this is a harsher method of smoking, it will deliver a huge payload of CBD to your system, and its effects will be felt almost immediately. Those who are only interested in the medicinal effects might find this to be a perfect method for them. This method cannot be used for the whole flower and is usually done with CBD isolate or something similar.

Smoking Hemp Through A Bong Or Pipe

Finally, we come to the most common method of consumption for hemp flowers. As you can see, some of the other methods are better suited to concentrates. This is probably why most people prefer to keep it simple and smoke the stuff. There are all sorts of pipes and bongs out there, but all of them work pretty much the same way. Just break it up, remove the seeds and stems, put it in the bowl, and light it up. Hookahs can be another great option when you’re smoking with friends.


At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and keeping things fresh. You want to make sure that consuming hemp doesn’t become a chore for you because this is truly one of the best things out there that helps people deal with stress, anxiety and a myriad of other conditions, including chronic conditions.