A Revolutionary Solution for Growing Cannabis in the United States

Growing Cannabis in a green pot
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Are you a cannabis grower who has searched unsuccessfully for a legal and revolutionary way of growing cannabis in the United States? It is important to know how to grow it to stay ahead of the competition, especially if you are a licensed grower. A revolutionary approach involves embracing new technologies and methods. Today, it is no longer enough to trust the traditional methods of growing cannabis. You would not last in the industry long doing that.

Embrace Cannabis Ruderalis

Scientists have developed a distinct species of cannabis known as Cannabis ruderalis. You may have to understand more about it before introducing it into your garden in the United States, though. That is because Cannabis ruderalis is native to Europe, especially Russia, where a long vegetative period is not mandatory. Additionally, the species contains little tetrahydrocannabinol, or what is most commonly referred to as THC.

Shortened Cannabis Growing Time

Once you get licensed to grow and sell or provide cannabis, you should be thinking commercially. In this regard, you do not have to wait forever for the plant to grow and be ready for the market. Cannabis ruderalis has a shorter growing time. What this means is you can grow it comfortably in your home. Guerilla growers are also likely to enjoy this attribute of the new species as well. It is great in places where your Leafwell medical card Oklahoma does not work.

Crossing Cannabis ruderalis with Cannabis sativa or Cannabis Indica

So, what is the solution if you cannot bring Cannabis ruderalis over to the United States? A better alternative is to cross it with either Cannabis Indica or Cannabis sativa. The offspring you get from this would support auto-flowering, which is a common genetic trait in cannabis. However, not all strains of cannabis boast of this quality. Auto-flowering is crucial for many reasons, which include:

  • A shorter lifecycle
  • Takes roughly 10 weeks to be ready for harvest
  • No over-dependency on a specific amount of light
  • Vegetative period is unnecessary

More importantly, the new plant would contain higher levels of THC. The shortness and stoutness of ruderalis is good quality too. Additionally, you will enjoy growing a plant that is highly resistant to diseases and insects. Cannabis is pruned to numerous diseases, just as is the case with any other plant. Most of these diseases interfere with the productivity of the plant. Examples of such diseases are:

  • White powdery mildew
  • Gray mold
  • Fusarium wilt
  • Spider mites
  • Damping-off

Medical Use of Cannabis ruderalis

Lastly, you can use Cannabis ruderalis medically. For this to happen, though, you would need to grow several ruderalis hybrids. Examples of such hybrids include White Widow and Amnesia. Therefore, do not let anything hold you back from enjoying increased profitability from your cannabis farm or garden. Apply this revolutionary solution to turn your home or guerilla cannabis garden into a viable commercial interest.


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