Advanced Nutrients: Every Grower’s Needs

Nutrient Company Shines On Their Own

Advanced Nutrients Picture of label
Big Bud from Advanced Nutrients

When growing cannabis, growers are always trying to excel. Growers need additional nutrients in their gardening routine to ensure a more substantial and more bountiful yield. With so many brands of nutrients out there. It’s hard to find companies that follow through on their promises. With rave reviews and seen all over the web and television, the brand Advanced Nutrients is catering to grower’s needs and doing it in a new and artistic way, making this brand stand out in a sea of other companies.

Company Background

Advanced Nutrients has been in the making since 1996. Creator of the company, Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, first began his journey when he co-founded the company Canadian Soilless Ltd. With an extensive background in horticulture and hydroponics, BigMike continued to form his company. And his knowledge the process. After researching soils, fertilizers, and nutrients, BigMike and his team realized that most of the time, companies weren’t utilizing the proper ingredients when making their products. The company was formed after this realization to help grower’s needs were to come first by producing only the best products.

An Honest Company

One of the reasons this company was formed was because they realized some nutrient companies weren’t living up to the standards they were promising. What Advanced Nutrients promises is a “proprietary blends of quality micro- and macro-nutrients, amino acids, hormones, expensive chelates, plant growth regulators, vitamins, enzymes, yeast, yeast extracts, organics, carbohydrates, microbes, beneficial bacteria, and beneficial fungi.”

Using only the best resources when formulating their products is something that this company takes great pride in. “Advanced Nutrients products are backed by an unprecedented 100% guarantee. The guarantee means growers can buy and use the products with the assurance that you are getting the best nutrients for your crops.” This confidence and assurance in their product is something that gives customers and growers the same confidence when using their product. With this confidence comes the large yields that have time and time again come to fruition when using Advanced Nutrients.

Visual Art

Advanced Nutrients goes above and beyond, carrying their expertise out to even the packaging of their product. Not only are the titles for all the products catchy and tied into what the product promises, but the art is perfect as well. Pentagram’s DJ Stout joined with illustrator Marc Burckhardt to create the amazing visual art that these products are famous for. Some of the Advanced Nutrients products have “mascots” that adorn products such as Big Bud, Tilla Gorilla, and Sweet Tooth.

Advanced Nutrients Picture of label
Big Bud from Advanced Nutrients

The Dieline talked to Stout to ask about the visual art and how he and Burckhardt first got the idea to form the vintage look that covers all of Advanced’s products. “They have a very loyal audience already, who probably don’t give a hoot what the products look like as long as they do the trick. And of course, there’s a whole underground, anti-establishment, dare I say—’hippie’ mentality. With a large segment of the consumer base who don’t trust a line of products that looks too slick or commercial.


However, we felt like the inconsistent packaging, although at times charming in its naïvety, was a huge missed branding opportunity for the international company.” They were right; people buying these products may only care about the end result that comes from purchasing them. But underneath all of that is a creative person who can only admire those same sentiments. The vintage, caricaturesque look that these products have given people more reasons to consider buying this line of nutrients.

Stout adds, “I’ve always admired old-school grocery store packaging featuring fictitious characters on their labels, like Tony the Tiger, Mr. Clean, Planter’s Mr. Peanut, The Pillsbury Doughboy, and Elsie the Cow. Those imaginary personalities have become household names, almost more memorable than the actual products they represent.”

With a product line that has a cast of characters, names like Big Bud are famous in the cannabis growing community. The visual arts of this company never cease to put smiles on customers’ faces. This is one of the reasons why Advanced Nutrients is a standout brand when it comes to cannabis companies.

The Longest Product List…Ever

Not only does Advanced Nutrients have the best product design. They also have a product for literally every single thing a grower may need when growing cannabis. Most nutrient companies usually have only a handful of products they offer to customers for all their nutrient needs. When it comes to Advanced Nutrients, they have up to 30 products. All promising different needs for all of the stages of plant growth. Increased yields, pH, even a line of all organic products! This company doesn’t skimp out on delivering growers what they need to have the best harvest yet.

They Care, They Actually Care!

Growing cannabis can be tricky, especially when adding nutrients to your plants. You always want to get your measurements right so you can avoid ruining your plants with overconsumption of unnecessary additives. What is so great about Advanced Nutrients is how convenient they are when it comes to helping out their customers. With a Support hotline, you can call them with any questions about their products and how to use them. Also, online they have a handy nutrient calculator that helps you measure the appropriate amount of product for the size and level of your crop. By doing that, you can follow a weekly feed chart to ensure your harvest is the best yet.