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CANNA Business Now 

CANNA Business Now magazine is a California publication focused on access to education & information for safe consumption of legalized medical cannabis. We present business owners with high-quality content that is stimulating and distinctive, complimenting the ambitions shared by other cannabis professionals.

We believe in promoting integrity and responsibility with data, cultivation and consumption.

When we say that our print magazine is only the beginning of CANNA’S marketing reach—we mean it. We understand that technology has dramatically changed the landscape of advertising—that for some readers, direct and instantaneous access to information is imperative. That’s why we deliver and distribute our magazine content across several mediums including social media, digital downloads for smart devices, daily web content, and a substantial subscriber list. Along with direct mail to doctor offices, cultivators, dispensaries, ancillary businesses, and many others.

CANNA offers exclusive opportunities for specific advertising campaigns.

For more detailed information call CANNA at 858-759-7900 or contact us here.

Custom Advertising Packages 

Every business has a specific budget allocated to fill various wants and needs.

Please call 760-908-5729 or email to discuss how we can put together an advertising package that works best for your business.

2017/2018 Issue Schedule

For detailed information about each issue's theme and direction, please contact our office or contact us here for the 2017/2018 Media Kit.

Issue Date Editorial Deadline Advertising Deadline  Delivery Date
Online Preview Issue 9-15-2017 9-15-2017  9-25-2017
October 2017 9-30-2017 9-30-2017 10-15-2017
January 2018 12-20-2017 12-20-2017 1-15-2018
April 2018 3-30-2018 3-30-2018 4-20-2018