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A surging number of states are waking up to the health benefits of the cannabis plant and taking action with legalizing it for medicinal reasons. Other states have taken it further, realizing the revenue benefits, by legalizing it recreationally as well (thank you, Colorado).  The Cannabis Community is growing bigger and bigger creating a movement that is strong. Be a part of that movement and advertise today!

How to advertise your business 

CANNA Business Now 

CANNA Business Now magazine presents business owners with high-quality content that is stimulating and distinctive complimenting the ambitions shared by other cannabis professionals.

When we say that our print magazine is only the beginning of CANNA’S marketing reach—we mean it. We understand that technology has dramatically changed the landscape of advertising—that for some readers, direct and instantaneous access to information is imperative. That’s why we deliver and distribute our magazine content across several mediums including social media, digital downloads for smart devices, daily web content, and a substantial subscriber list. CANNA Business Now magazine is a national publication focused on markets that have legalized marijuana. Along with direct mail to doctor offices professional growers, dispensaries, hydroponic stores, and many others, CANNA offers exclusive opportunities to canvas specialty areas for specific advertising campaigns.

CANNA Business Now magazine supports the cannabis industry and community in exposing the truth about the science of the cannabis plant. We believe in promoting integrity and responsibility with data, cultivation, and consumption.

For more detailed information call CANNA Business Now online magazine at 858-213-4856 or contact us here.


Custom Advertising Packages 

Every business has a specific budget allocated to fill various wants and needs.

Please call 858-213-4856 or email John@cannabusinessnow.com to discuss how we can put together an advertising package that works best for your business.



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