Best marijuana strains of 2022

best marijuana strains

There can be no doubting the fact that marijuana has seen huge developments in terms of genetic quality in recent years. This is especially true for people who use cannabis and marijuana recreationally. THC—the chemical compound in cannabis that causes the high that is so often attributed to cannabis use and consumption—has become far more potent in recent years. This means that people taking cannabis can enjoy a far superior quality high than they ever would have been able to enjoy before when taking cannabis from modern strains of cannabis plants.

How Cannabis Has Become More Potent

In the mid-1970s, trials were conducted to determine the average THC content of cannabis and marijuana. Back then, the average THC content was approximately 0.72%, with different strains coming in higher or lower than this. Nowadays, though, that level of THC would almost certainly be considered to be suitable for medicinal cannabis only. 

“By 2003, THC content had risen to an average of 6.4%, which is nearly nine times higher than it had been before! Further developments and strict genetic selection mean that the last seventeen years have had further improvements for the potency of the marijuana that is now being produced,” says Nathan Jackson, a marijuana expert at Vela Community. Indeed, the most recent estimate—back in 2018—indicated that cannabis THC content is now sitting somewhere around the 15% mark on average! In other words, the average potency of cannabis has increased by a whopping 21 times!

But that’s not all. At the time of the first study, it was pretty much impossible to find seeds for 10% THC content marijuana—but the times have changed, and even the weakest recreational cannabis strains commonly have 10% THC content at least; the most potent strains can easily top that at 25% THC or higher!


Clearly, cannabis is improving continually, and this means that new and exciting strains are being grown every year! So, what are the best marijuana strains for 2020 that you should be choosing?

The Best Strains for 2020

Have you ever wondered what the best cannabis strains are? Let us help you discover the cannabis strains that you should be choosing for 2020 with our list of the top weed strains!

#3 Strawberry Banana

This strain of cannabis is a wonderful variation that is great for people who love sweet flavored cannabis! Tasting deliciously like the type of dessert that you would enjoy as a kid—although with a distinctive “grown-up” side note from the cannabis—this particular strain has a THC content of up to a whopping 31.62%, which is certainly not something to be scoffed at!

The high that is produced by this intense strain is cerebral and highly relaxing. Making it a very popular choice among consumers. It is particularly useful for people who are suffering from severe pain. Making it suitable for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

#2 White Tahoe Cookies

As a 70% Indica strain, “White Tahoe Cookies” particular cross between three of the most popular strains of cannabis is sure to hit all of your needs! Though slightly lower in THC content than strawberry banana, this is still impressive at a THC content of 27%; this still makes it one of the very highest potency strains on the market. And this is sure to make it a winner for 2020. 

In terms of flavor, this particular strain is incredibly sweet and flavorful, although the OG undertones (from Tahoe OG) are easy to pick up on as well. It gives a rapid high that is highly euphoric and relaxing, while also being great for creativity and imagination. This makes it great for both recreational use and as a treatment for insomnia. This effect can potentially last for hours, though, so make sure you take care, not to overdose, or you could be out of commission for a very long period of time. If it is legal in your state, you can find good cannabis deals online as well.

Best marijuana strains

#1 Godfather OG

Invariably, the number one position on our list of the top three cannabis strains for 2020 has to go to the highest THC content strain around—and the Godfather OG strain takes this title by a landslide! Beating the previous top THC strain (Chemdawg—a pungent strain of cannabis that won the Cannabis Cup thanks to its impressive THC content of over 32%), this particular cannabis strain comes in at a whopping 34% or higher!

Though the exact cross of Godfather OG is not known. It is widely believed to be a mix between Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps. This impressive pedigree gives the Godfather OG strain excellent credentials, to begin with—and boy, does it live up to expectations!

This strain gives a powerful cerebral high and whole body euphoria, while also acting as one of the best crops for relaxing properties in the cannabis world! Take care when taking it, though, as the effects are so powerful that they could potentially leave you immobile on the couch!