Canna Candy-Product

If you have a taste for adventure, Canna Candy's are flavorful, discrete and accurately medicated.


The legalization of recreational cannabis has led bakers, confectioners, and candy connoisseurs down an exciting road of opportunity. There is now a larger crowd to cater to, and having more mouths to feed hasn’t slowed the industry down at all; it is continuing to grow and thriving as it does so.

Everyone loves options; whether it’s a ‘build your own’ menu item or being able to pick which color your phone will come in. Our need for variety has led to an expansion, not only in the amount of strains within the cannabis community, but in the types of edible products as well. There are all kinds of hard candies, chocolates, and even protein bars available to those who prefer, or simply want to try, edibles over the popular cannabis flower.

Of these products, one of my personal favorites are hard candies made by Canna Candys. These candies are sometimes called “jollies” because of how similar in shape and size they are to jolly ranchers. I love that I can throw one in the pocket of my purse and it just looks like candy. The packaging is discreet and it doesn’t smell like anything as long as you keep it out of the heat. I have had some melt in the car before, the packaging they are in helps them keep a pretty similar shape however, it’s better to store them in a cool place.

If you’ve never tried one before or this is your first experience with concentrated THC, I
recommend breaking the candy into pieces. Each incredibly potent candy contains 60mg of
concentrated THC, beginners are recommended to start out at a dose between 7-10mgs and then adjust the amount based on your needs and preference from there. On multiple occasions I’ve had an entire candy before bed and woken the next morning refreshed and glad that I did so. If you are not someone who regularly consumes cannabis products this will knock you out if you’re not careful.

For day use, I usually break the candy into a few pieces and have one every couple of hours. The effects can last from 1-3 hours depending on your tolerance and dosage. Canna candies come in so many flavors that it can seem overwhelming but they’re also incredibly inexpensive meaning that you can have them all.

Flavors like Cherry Cola, Dragon Fruit, and Pomegranate quickly won me over. Each candy is only about $5 which is well worth the THC content and organic ingredients that go into making these treats. The company uses bubble hash to make their candies, it’s solvent free and ice water extracted for the highest quality achievable.

In order to ensure the quality and potency of their products, Canna Candys works with SC labs, giving you piece of mind and confidence in what you’re purchasing. It doesn’t get much better than a health conscious company making delicious candies at a reasonable price. Overall, these candies are top runners when it comes to flavor, consistency, and quality.