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Cathedral City Cannabis Campus Begins Phase One of New Cannabis Facility

Cathedral City, California, Sunniva marches onwards towards progress after unanimous approval.


Cathedral City, California–Sunniva marches onwards towards progress after unanimous approval.

Cathedral City, California marches onwards towards progress after the unanimous approval for greenhouse technology to be used for medicinal cannabis cultivation. Sunniva, a North American company providing cannabis services and goods, spearheads the project.

The city Planning Commission unanimously approved the Sunniva Campus, a production facility, with a conditional use permit allotting 489,000 square feet for the project. Under the conditional use permit, Cathedral City residents are allowed a ten day period to file any objection. Yet, the deadline date was set to August 2nd and still no objections have been filed.

The facility will focus on the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis. In an interview with CANNA, Sunniva COO Duncan Gordon describes their facility as being both large scale and efficient, “the Tesla of greenhouses.” The Campus will utilize California’s year round weather to provide low cost and high quality medicine to the cannabis market.

Construction of the Sunniva Campus will be broken up into two phases over a three year period. Already plans are well underway to accommodate Phase I in just a few short weeks. The Sunniva Campus will also serve as a Good Manufacturing Practice designed facility.

Agricultural and greenhouse technology will be provided by a group of Dutch Engineers teaming up with Sunniva for Phase I. The facility starts out with a 325,5000 square-foot production space with an expected production rate of 177,000 lbs of cannabis per year. An estimated fifty percent of production will be fed through another process of production, developing oils and extracts. Phase II aims to increase square-foot by 164,000 for this production. Literally a groundbreaking event!

Dr.Anthony Holler, CEO of Sunniva gave the statement that the “Sunniva Campus represents a substantial step forward for the cultivation, production, and distribution of cannabis products to meet the needs of patients in California.” It is not surprising considering the continued legalization of cannabis for medicinal use within the state. Dr. Holler went on to say,“This purpose-built production facility will make the most of advanced greenhouse technology and ensure that patients across the state have access to trusted, consistent products free from the pesticides that are unfortunately all too common within the industry today.” Sunniva’s commitment to clean production is a perfect match for a partnership with these Dutch engineers, whose experience spans decades in clean food production.

Mayor of Cathedral City, Stan Henry, shared his excitement with Sunniva Holdings arrival, “We are excited to be chosen as the location for this world-class cannabis center that utilizes the latest sustainable technology for cultivation,” The prospects the Mayor went on to provide ranged from public safety, job growth, and tax revenue to aid infrastructure.

The Sunniva Campus represents a massive economic endeavor for both Sunniva Holdings and Cathedral City. Medicinal cannabis should make an expected jump after phase one, helping to lower costs for patients across the state. And the benefits for job growth will help stimulate the local economy for Cathedral City, California. Follow CANNA Business Now for more news from Sunniva and updates on the technology to be used in this project. Truly the most advanced of its kind for greenhouse projects and extraction facilities.

Originally posted 2017-10-25 10:20:31.