CBD Oil for Pets: What You Need to Know


A lot of people are turning to CBD as a better option for treating their pets with pain or anxiety. Due to its relatively recent development, it can cause some confusion, and it is pertinent to understand the various dosages for animals and humans. In the same vein, it is relevant to know about the administration of CBD to your pets. Although a weed pen may be of benefit, you might probably find it hard to give it to your animals. Oil is often the preferred way. In this article, we shall tell you all you need to know about getting the CBD oil best for your pets. 


How does CBD work?

CBD works in the body of humans by the interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system plays a vital role in the regulation of a variety of functions such as hunger, pain, sleep, and immune system response. CBD can be a promising start when it comes to anxiety management. The manner at which CBD acts on the brain’s serotonin receptors reveals that it is capable of regulating mood and social behavior. Just like humans, pets too experience pain and anxiety, and it is pertinent to try to give them proper care. A lot of factors may be the cause of an animal’s anxiety or pain; it might range from illness to age to simply stressful triggers. In contrast to humans, they can’t notify us when something goes wrong.

Which oil is best for my pet?

 It is pertinent to choose the right CBD oil. With a lot of options available, you want to go for something of high quality, natural and pure. Oil is the best way to go in the treatment of pets with CBD because you can easily regulate the dosage through the dropper in the bottle. It is pertinent to know that animals feel the effects of CBD better than humans do. This is so because they have more complex endocannabinoid systems than humans with a higher number of receptors. It is paramount to control the amount with care.


Right dosage for my pet

In terms of dosage, you must focus on the weight and size of your pet. This is so because the proper dosage is calculated by milligram (mg) of oil per kilogram (kg) of the pet. It would be best if you did not go above 1mg/kg per day. We recommend you start with 0.05mg/kg per day from the start, to dive in and examine the effects on your pets, in a controlled and careful way.

How should I give CBD to my pet?

The top methods to get pets to take any medication is to mix with water, hiding with treats, and properly dropping into food. Depending on the kind of animal you have, you must consider the best and stress-free way to get them to take CBD. Try several methods to figure out what is right for your pet. This can be a better way of ensuring your pets are healthy and happy.

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Originally posted 2020-03-08 13:32:53.