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CBD Company Spotlight: PHARMSTRONGTM

With all the confusion in the CBD and cannabis industry, it’s hard to identify a legitimate CBD company. Who can you trust? Are their products safe? Have their ingredients been tested?

We provide the most current CBD and cannabis news so that consumers can make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Now, we’ve gone one step further. To help you select a CBD company you can trust, we’ve evaluated the top CBD companies, and are pleased to announce our choice for CBD Industry Leader and our new partner, PharmstrongTM.

CBD Industry Leader was chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Manufacturing/Product Safety and Excellence
  • Industry Innovations and E-Commerce Expertise
  • Team/Company Character

PharmstrongTM, the winner of the CBD Industry Leader award:

  • A prosperous, mission-centered, medical CBD company based in Colorado.
  • A family-run business with founders who were once hemp farmers.
  • Product innovators are devoted to improving their customers’ lives.

Dedicated to quality and safety through comprehensive testing.