Elicit Labs: The Hottest Extract that Could Change your Experience


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Elicit Labs concentrates may be one of the most prominent extracts sold in California, populating dispensaries all over, most likely because they happen to be on the cheaper end compared to most other concentrates. The THC percentages are reasonable at around 80 to 85 percent containing it. Some may have a little bit of CBD, ranging from around zero to one percent, but not nearly enough to even affect the psychoactive nature of THC. They also come in many different flavors and are strain specific.

Elicit Lab concentrates don’t stand out visually. They are in clear cylinder container that’s about the circumference of a quarter. The lettering can be hard to see the strain name and even harder to see that Elicit Labs made it. The concentrates from Elicit Labs are not the best aesthetically. Some happen to light brown to a warm yellow color, and they clink around like a penny in the can when walking around with it. The concentrate sometimes can feel like its rock hard without the gooeyness or the malleability of other concentrates.

The extract is a little crumb-like for the most part, but it is thick enough where it won’t fall apart. It is best to slightly heat the dab tool before slicing a piece off to get an accurate cut. Cutting it with a cold dab tool can be frustrating as there is not heat to separate the desired dab from the actual extract. The crumble form that elicit labs comes more resolute and whole compared to other types of crumble extracts, and this is due to its extraction process.

What Makes Elicit Lab Stan Out

Elicit Lab prides itself specializing in winternized absolutes which makes it one of the cleanest and potent concentrates in the market. Winternized absolutes provide higher THC output than other types of extraction processed, including closed-loop extraction processes. The one drawback from winternized processes is its inability to sustain flavor or fragrance in the extract. The concentrate tends to be one big oxymoron in that the smoke inhales fiery but blows out in iciness.  Winternizing is a much cheaper process compared to closed-loop systems. But it does come with its deterrents, which affects the distributor more so than the customer. When going through the winternized process, almost a fifth of concentrates original weight will be lost. However, the “crumble” extract won’t be so crumbly as some other concentrates can be. 

Elicit Labs is one of the more inexpensive concentrates in the cannabis market. A half gram can cost as low as 20 dollars, and a full gram can be as low as 35. The high THC ratings are equal to most other concentrates without the gouging price. However, it lacks any bite or taste to it, and the smoke can cuts sharply. There can be coughing fits, especially for those whose eyes are bigger than their lungs. The onset can range from immediate to a couple of minutes. There has to be some patience before going in for a second dab, even when if the psychoactivity and effects appear more slowly than usual.

What is Next For Cannabis Concentrates and Elicit Labs?

When taking everything into account, Elicit Labs concentrates are going to be one of the more consistent and relied upon extracts in the cannabis industry. With all its many different strains they come in, Elicit Labs has customized its inventory to appeal to all dabbers.