How One Major Brand Took Cannabis Mainstream

Two men talk about the Cannabis Industry
Photo by Gabriele Stravinskaite on Unsplash

Since the 2018 New Farm Bill was signed into law by President Trump, the cannabis industry has been effectively transformed into a multi-billion dollar industry. The bill, however, stipulates hemp as the cannabis plant that cannot contain more than 0.3 percent of THC (the compound in the plant most commonly associated with getting a person high).

While the federal government still classifies cannabis as a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act, the U.S. is still the most significant cannabis market in the world. Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states, while recreational cannabis is legal in 11 states. 

Fifteen states have already decriminalized cannabis, and more are expected to join. While all these major business upheavals are taking place, some organizations are still dragging their feet.

Social stereotypes, politics, and religion still contribute to the slow pace of adoption. One company, Xfive, has decided that it must make a difference and cash in on this market by taking cannabis mainstream.

What makes Xfive tick?

The truth must be told, Xfive did not set out to be a cannabis industry, and it’s not one; the only difference has the potential to evolve with whatever trends that are emerging in the marketing industry. It’s a case of either you adapt or die, grow, or die. As the competition in the marketing, the world is exceptionally high, and the market is changing all the time.

Xfive has been around in the marketing scene since 2005, which you can look at as quite a long journey for an IT business. Xfive started as developers, which they still are but have decided to positively impact the marketing world in more ways than just developers.

More than just developers

They are not only developers, project managers, and designers; they are also advisors. No matter the nature of your business and which model of cooperation with Xfive you choose, you can be sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. In attestation to this fact, Xfive has been supporting some of the world’s biggest brands. From startup to success.

Xfive was their when Twitter needed its services to become what it is today and supported Fox through their digital transformation. The brand also helped major companies, like Threadless, eBay, and Microsoft, increase engineering velocity.

Xfive provides a full-stack teams, including UI/UX designers, web and mobile developers (their expertise includes languages, libraries, tools, and technologies like React, Angular, Vue, ECMAScript, Android, iOS, React Native, PWA, PHP, AWS, WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Timber, Chisel, Webpack, and a lot more. The company highly concentrates on web performance optimization), certified Project Managers, and QA Engineers. 

The cannabis industry

The key point regarding the cannabis industry is that, contrary to what you get from many organizations globally, they’re not only not afraid of the cannabis boom, they help to spread the word about it. Xfive is a design and development team that built for its client a web app QualSCORE, which incidentally is the first fully system-based solution for the cannabis industry to measure and track quality as well as customer happiness.

The basic features of QualSCORE are as follows:

  • Automation – leveraging the power of data and automation to increase your sales and profits
  • Collection of data – gain insights and make better, faster decisions
  • Monitoring – differentiate yourself from competitors using verifiable data
  • Rate quality – assess your cannabis business or brand’s quality
  • Promotion – create an audience of loyal and vocal brand advocates
  • Resolving complaints – solve customer problems

Improving on your customers’ pain points 

QualSCORE comes with a full-featured market research survey solution, which ensures you don’t miss a bad rating since unhappy customers will alert you in real-time. You also have custom and template surveys to learn even more about your customers, and this is enhanced by anti-survey stuffing technology that is built into the software.

You can easily find out the primary causes of problems and save customer relationships before they’re lost. The 95% automated process means you can easily set it up once and you’re done.

QualSCORE is a software that will significantly transform your cannabis business, and the results will be there for you to see as they unfold. The following are six ways QualSCORE will take your cannabis business to the highest point.

Accuracy of ratings

To make sure that ratings are accurate, Xfive incorporated anti-survey stuffing technology. This technology automatically set survey response quotas for statistical significance, and require that all rated businesses and brands sign a pledge saying they won’t participate in activities to misrepresent their scores.

Verification of results

Quite unlike a lot of customer review websites and tools, they verify customer purchases and confirm the legitimacy of survey responses. They also carry out a Quarterly Quality Audits to review your survey results and the authenticity of all ratings.

Accountability systems

Businesses are not left to carry on as they like; they hold businesses and brands accountable for attaining and keeping high quality and satisfaction ratings. This also helps them to monitor your ratings on an ongoing basis and resolve problems using the built-in complaint resolution system. 

No special skills required 

QualSCORE enables comprehensive market research survey software as well as a reliable quality and happiness rating system that’s solely prepared for cannabis businesses. You don’t have to pay more for a tool that wasn’t made for you and doesn’t give you as much.

Integrations are not required

QualSCORE is a ready-made cannabis industry solution that is easy to implement and simple to use. Once you set it up, it runs automatically for you. 

By using their template surveys or even creating your own, you can gather all the relevant information you need to make the best business decisions.

No hidden fees

Unlike most things you get in the market these days after you must have got your initial QualSCORE Quality Rating, everything is included in one low monthly fee. Marketing, survey templates, custom surveys, reports, and a comprehensive set of tools and resources are yours to use at no extra charge as long as you don’t allow your account to go dormant.

A comprehensive customer feedback solution 

This is an essential business tool for any cannabis business and brand, and you don’t have a better way to carry out comparisons with your competitors than QualSCORE. It allows you to gather the critical consumer sentiment data you need to:

  • Making insightful decisions
  • Delivering the best products and services
  • Creating a retinue of loyal customers
  • Driving a positively oriented word-of-mouth marketing
  • Improving your brand image
  • Enhancing a competitive advantage
  • Increasing efficiencies through automation and a proven, trusted system
  • Boosting ROI

How did Xfive achieve the QualSCORE feat?

Xfive’s MVP development service helped QualSCORE to hit the market and check their business model in real life. They also adopted an Agile approach to deliver a fully functional product within the agreed timeframe.

It took Xfive a total of four months to come up with this magic wand. And they concentrated on the following: 
  • Branding:  Xfive had to work on the company’s logo,  business cards, and a brochure that were delivered as a first step of the project. They also came up with the green color theme depicting the greenness of cannabis and characteristic of the cannabis industry to connect with dark blue, grey, and clean fonts meant to bring to focus the degree of seriousness that goes with the business. 
  • Website: Xfive saw the need to transform into a modern one-page website used to explain the main ideas behind the QualSCORE projects, answer frequently asked questions, and encourage clients to register and use the app.
  • Application: The first iteration Xfive embarked upon for the QualSCORE app includes core features: a system of reviews combined with transaction receipts, data analysis, reports, scores, and badges for dispensaries’ owners as well as monthly subscription program for long-term partners.

QualSCORE, as the only market research survey solution built for the cannabis industry, has everything made specifically for you. All you need is to just go about harnessing the power of customer feedback immediately to shore up customer satisfaction and business growth.

By providing a whole package of branding, a website, and an app within just four months, Xfive ensured that QualSCORE had become a pioneer in measuring the customer satisfaction of the rapidly growing cannabis market. All you need is the working app and the key information presented online by Xfive to be able to attract new customers, grow, and add new functionality just like OualSCORE is currently doing to become a force in the cannabis industry.