Importance of Video Testimonials in Content Marketing

A Video Testimonials being done for Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most important activities done by organizations online. This is where they ensure quality content reaches their target audience to help them make buying decisions. One of the critical elements of content marketing is the use of video testimonials. A testimonial is a recommendation by an existing customer of a brand or product. It is a product review where a customer explains his experiences using the product. This kind of testimonial is more effective when it is presented in the form of a video. 

Why video testimonials?

Videos are the most effective types of content and hence preferred by content marketers. A video testimonial is highly effective as a customer testimonial. The reasons for the popularity of these testimonials explains why it is so important:

  • A video testimonial is where an existing customer talks about the brand/products and her experiences using the product. It acts as a review and has a subtle recommendation to a potential customer to buy the product.
  • The video testimonial is the most effective form of testimonial because of the credibility factor. Other kinds of online testimonials are those where it is not known who the person posting the review/testimonial is. In a video testimonial, the viewer can see a real person talking and sharing her experiences. The name and other details of the customer would be displayed, making it more credible.
  • The video testimonial is compelling because statistical studies have showcased its efficacy. 63% of all those who do shopping online are more likely to purchase a product if there are reviews and testimonials from customers. 90% of online shoppers have indicated their buying decision is influenced by online reviews. Trustmary makes the video testimonial a powerful form of content marketing that can influence shoppers.

Effective video testimonials

Having understood the importance of a video testimonial, the next thing to know is how to create content around a video testimonial.

  1. The first thing to do is to find a loyal customer who is willing to give a testimonial. The customer must be ready to share his experiences on video and should be happy with the brand’s products/services.
  1. The video prepared needs to be recorded professionally. This type odensures it has a more powerful impact on the audience. Using the services of a professional agency can help in creating a testimonial that meets its purpose. The use of text, graphics, and other effects can make the video more appealing to a view.
  2. The customer should not read from a script but must speak naturally. The video must be shot in the customer’s home or office to make it appear natural.
  3. The video needs to focus on the benefits of the product for the customer. Video testimonials are viewed by potential customers who are looking for information to make a buying decision. When a testimonial presents benefits of products, it will interest potential customers. If the testimony talks about the product features, then it would look like a promotional video and will not be effective. 
  4. The video made should be short and straightforward. It must not be for more than two or three minutes as viewers may not have the patience to watch longer videos. The message contained should be simple through a video narration using simple language that can be understood by everyday people. 

Video testimonials are a type of content that allows viewers to get a clear understanding of a brand/product from the customer’s point of view. The testimony would help a potential customer understand another customer’s experience using the product, assisting in making a buying decision. 


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Aleksi Halsas, CMO at Trustmary, offers a customer and employee testimonials that create appealing content to engage the readers all around the world. To boost marketing and sales with high-quality video, testimonials are the author’s keen desire.





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