KICKING THE PAIN: Aches and Pains Best Relieved by Using CBD


When it comes to everyday physical struggles, ongoing chronic pain is often the main issue. With an ever-growing list of debilitating physical problems, it seems like mostly everyone you know is dealing with some painful ailment that’s holding them back in one way or another.

Old and new research suggests that using cannabis (whether it’s smoking, vaping, ingesting or using oil) can significantly reduce the pain and inflammation of plenty ailments the average person suffers with.  It’s also safer and has way less adverse effects than common prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Here are some of the most common aches and pain issues that people use CBD products to help relieve:

Back and Strained Muscle Pain 

Plenty of jobs and everyday life responsibilities often result in chronic aches and pains. Usually, a person’s lower or upper back area is the first to suffer.   Medical experts have already discovered that the use of CBD in marijuana can significantly block the link from the origin of the pain back to the brain.  Just look at the component in CBD as an offensive lineman, preventing these signals from getting to your mind.


If you have stiffness, pain, weakness, or reduced ability to use any joints in your body, there is a good chance you are suffering from one of 100 different types of Arthritis. The anti-inflammatory component of CBD has already changed the lives of people living with countless arthritis.

Inflammatory Bowel Issues 

There are plenty of causes of IBD, or Inflammatory Bowel Disease: stress, social anxiety, along with many other factors.  The components of CBD in marijuana have been proven to relieve many social and personal anxiety, therefore, improving a healthy digestion process.  Patients using this technique as a way to reduce anxiety find that their IBD is noticeably reduced.


From dehydration to stress, there is a wide spectrum of causes to get a headache. But, just like aches and pains all over your body, CBD can greatly dull the inflammation signals you receive.  Most significantly, migraine sufferers find the use of CBD helps them get rid of their debilitating headache much quicker and effectively than most narcotics prescribed.


Sure, insomnia is not an ache or pain… but the continuous issue can result in just that. People who suffer from lack of sleep, experience problems all over their body.  Due to the fact that the component in CBD reduces stress, it also causes your body to relax enough to fall asleep. Different strains of CBD that focus on relaxation and drowsiness can be chosen over ones that have other benefits. Learn more about the CBD strains, oils and reviews from License to Vape. Improvement on this sleep ailment can prove to reverse the physical issues caused by this problem.