Mankind Cooperative : Non-Psychoactive Cannabis

Mankind Cooperative supports the community worldwide through charitable efforts and safe access to non-psychoactive cannabis medication.



Are you suffering from physical ailments? Do you want to switch to a more holistic medication? This article is to educate our readers on non-psychoactive cannabis. Just like all different kinds of substances, such as prescription pills and alcohol (or maybe even vitamins), you should always consult with you doctor first because each substance reacts differently because of brain chemistry differences in each person. This article will talk about a legally licensed and permitted cannabis dispensary that offers patients non psychoactive cannabis like CBD and also full spectrum strains including THC, CBN, THCa, that are all lab tested for safety and strength.

At Mankind Cooperative, located in Mira Mesa, San Diego, their objective is helping patients with the most up to date scientific research and clean methods of testing their products, making sure each one is researched and tested. They do stand by their name of being ManKind; they are selective, safe, knowledgeable, philanthropic and passionate. Mankind is currently focusing on reaching out to veterans as well and work with different charities.

A brilliant advertisment piece done by a veteran, designed a page of pills saying “help,” and then offering cannabis as an alternative to addictive substances; which proved to have an impact and to be truly heart-warming. Mankind’s goal is to help patients find optimal wellness and they are involved with many philanthropic movements. Every new patient is welcomed with a dollar and they get to donate the dollar to one of the three featured charities. ***Perks for first time patients, free 8th; accordance you spend $50 at the dispensary. Mankind offers many choices of presents for the new patient like getting a free edible or cartridge depending on patient needs. Please let them know you saw us in FINE Magazine, so they let you choose a CBD option if they do not have one available for the free gift. We at FINE want to continue to work with Mankind, as they are very involved in the community, and work closely with scientific research at University of California, San Diego. They even offer you a documentary for free which includes doctors from UCSD, UCLA and UCSF to watch and share

Educating the public on the positive impacts of non psychoactive cannabis is important because it may become a substitute for more harmful substances that the public are drawn to. It was a pleasure working with Mankind, who are committed to helping patients not looking always to get a high. There have been beautiful stories on CBD helping kids, pets, veterans, and we encourage readers take a look, and maybe check with your doctor to see if some CBD products may be beneficial to you. We look forward to working with Mankind and bringing you stories on how cannabis is helping people and the community . If you are interested in doing more research, there are products like topical patches/creams for bodily ailments, extracts you can ingest safely without having to smoke as well as edibles and cannabis flowers that primarily or only contain CBD. Please check them out if you have a valid recommendation!

Mankind is located at 7128 Miramar Rd, San Diego and here is their website

Originally posted 2017-11-10 11:54:06.