Mind-Blowing Marijuana Travel Gadgets Revolutionize Weed

Cannabis Travel Gadgets

Ganja Gadgets: Travel Edition

Here at Ganja Gadgets, we explore the essentials and oddities of smoking accessories. This week we’ve rounded up some gadgets perfect for making your next trip cannabis friendly.

The ability to smoke on the fly has led to a plethora of inventions via necessity. Depending on where you’re going and how heavy you plan on getting sometimes the basic vape, edibles, and weed pills just don’t cut it. Here are some gadgets to make your next trip cannabis friendly regardless of the circumstances.


Travel Cannabis Gadget

Vaping and smoking flower ARE NOT THE SAME! There I said it. Fight it out in the comments. (And add your own gadgets to make your next trip cannabis friendly.) The ritual of grinding, packing, and looking sketchily down alley-ways for “the spot” are all favorite pastimes of smoking a bowl. Smoking bowls on vacation are heavenly and to be denied only makes it more enticing.

Recalling the struggles of pulling out a pipe on the Vegas strip, pre-legalized days, led to the discovery of how awesome dug-outs are. A dug-out is a small box about the size of a pack of cigarettes, usually made of wood. Inside the box is two slots: one for pre-ground flower and one to hold a cigarette look-alike one-hitter. You twist the top of the dug-out to reveal the two slots and a spring pops up the one-hitter, which you then dip into the pre-ground herb. Done.


The dug-out allows for discreet and fast packing and the cigarette one-hitter gives the illusion just long enough to finish up and walk away from the cloud that’s ominously following you.


Sometimes you don’t need to go anywhere to have people harsh your mellow. When in close quarters… When you are in close quarters it may require some discrepancy, Hello Neighbor, you can feel confident on your stay, your neighbors not even know you are smoking, because they’ll never smell a thing. This faux lip balm by RAW acts as a filter that’s scented and does a better job than your old school crappy dryer-sheet-filled college “blowie” ever could. Just use it like Chapstick. You got this.



The passage of time has allowed for great technological advances in the field of green dreams. There exists a piece of machinery so glorious it overshadows the beloved and now defunct PFWOOT inflatable bong. While PFWOOT crushed the early 00’s, today’s upgrade is the AlphaPuff. This travel kit is literally everything. Like it has everything you need. Right there. IN IT. Compartments line the inside of this puppy to hold pre-rolls, filter tips, rolling papers, a dry herb storage compartment grinder that screws off at the bottom, a refillable torch lighter, cleaning brush, and of course unicorn tears. Oh, and this is also a wet or dry bong once you transform it.

The AlphaPuff is made of plastic with a glass down stem and bowl piece, allowing this pipe bomb? Can of air freshener? (It needs camouflage stickers) to go through multiple securities with ease. Can you smoke me on a boat? A plane? A train? You can! Through cruise security, you go with your joints in tow. This travel kit will get you through camping, festivals and probably a ride on SpaceX to Mars.