Potent White Fire OG Doesn’t Kill Daytime Productivity-Improves Focus And Reduces Pain

White Fire OG Strain

Potent White Fire OG Doesn’t Kill Daytime Productivity – Improves Focus And Reduces Pain


White Fire OG is a hybrid strain of popular cannabis strains. Sometimes it is called as ‘Wi Fi OG’. Many people believe that OG refers to a term ‘Original Gangster’, which is somehow connected to California’s famous gangsta culture. Hip-hop artists from gangsta genre have pretty much captured the OG Kush market. However, it is more popularly known as the White Fire OG.




White Fire OG is the hybrid mix of Fire OG with gasoline fuel fragrance, and The White with high glittering trichomes. THC levels of parents, The White and Fire OG, is 29%. The White offers Wi-Fi OG a strong kick of euphoria and pain relief. On the other hand, Fire OG offers Wi-Fi OG with the strong Indica genes, having diesel gasoline flavor.


Appearance & smell


White Fire OG plants growth is of medium height. Usually, it grows dense curled green buds, which are covered in layers of white frosty glazing trichomes. Colors of stigmas and hairy pistils in the buds range from orange to red.


The resemblance is more or less like its genetic parent, Fire OG [which got its name from fiery red hairs]. Stem colors range from whitish to very light green, because active ingredients are used to develop bud density, with abundance of white trichomes. The leaves that stick out from these plants are hardly obvious from a distance.


The smell of the White Fire OG will basically depends on its parental parentage. It gets its woody, spicy, sugary, and pine smell from The White, and gasoline diesel whiff from the Fire OG. When you smell the buds first, you might feel a little chemical acidity. After the breaking of buds due to combustion, the diesel and chemical aromas become more stronger.




Even though Wi-Fi OG tilts towards Indica, it creates the sense of focus and energy. The awakening high allows for daytime usage, and not for getting sleepy. Wi-Fi OG is an appealing recreational strain, but is not recommended for beginners. First puff is strong and elevating. It even has lung expanding qualities.


Users have reported three hours of high with this weed. Some users say that they experience a pleasant and warm feel in their eyes and face. Smoke and vapor are thick and milky, even though the Wi-Fi OG buds are fluffier and less dense.


It gives a good mind-rush, but you will talk and walk normally, mostly in a happier mood. Body can feel relaxation pulse and tingles. You will feel creative as the mind-block gets eliminated. Your mind will break free from any constraints, hindering your thinking capabilities.


THC level, which encourages deep sleeps is high. Hence, it is used for treating health issues like depression and insomnia. Depressed people suffer from insomnia because their mind recalls the past traumas consistently. The neurotransmitters get tired, and the individuals wake up feeling exhausted. White Fire OG use before going to bed, decreases REM sleep. AS a result, you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Tips to grow Wi-Fi OG


Growing plants from White Fire OG seeds and cuttings, can be graded under moderate difficulty category. Generally, this weed needs hot and sunny climate to grow properly. Outdoor climates are best, because even though its height is medium, space is necessary to soak the nutrients and to stick out the canopy arms. Choose appropriate soil and high-quality fertilizers to help the weed flourish.


If you choose to grow them indoors, then you must select a right place to grow. You can choose a grow them in a tent, designed with reflective inner linings, or by using proper lighting systems. Fan is also necessary to keep air moving. Make sure to measure the humidity and temperature regularly.


Take a 5-gallon empty bucket, and then drill the bottom to make some holes. Fill the bucket with proper soil and plant the white fire OG strain seeds. Select the fertilizers and plant water as needed. Make sure the environment is dry and clean. Lighting schedule can be set for 12 hours brightness and 12 hours darkness. Flowering period is maximum ten weeks. Breeders can expect yield of around 21 ounce/sq. meter.


Insomniacs can now enjoy good sleeps, so that they can function productively during the day.