Small (travel sized)

This pen can fit in a wallet, it is not big and bulky like many other vape pens. It is about the size of a writing pen so it easy to bring along.


Going along with the small aspect, this pen is also discrete, as it looks like a writing pen. It can be taken on the go anywhere and if I start to it feel unwell, headache nausea, lack of appetite, I can do a quick puff or two to resume my daily activities.

Easy to use

This pen is very easy to use. Unlike other vape pens, there is no button to push to release the vape, one simply puts their lips on the piece and inhales the desired amount. It does not require loading bud or flower, as it is oil based. It doesn’t get too hot either.

Interchangeable products(strengths/strains)

There is a variety of options for the oil product, there are different sizes and strengths of oil. For example, some have a higher CBD content, while others have higher THC content. I personally prefer high CBD content, as my purpose is medicinal and I prefer to function without psychoactive effects. The oil I use allows me to carry out my day as normal, and often pain free thanks to the vape.

Easy to charge

This pen has a small charger that plugs into any USB port. While it is charging the light at the bottom is red, when it is fully charged the light turns green. To place the charger on, one simply unscrews the oil capsule at the top and replaces it with the screw on charger. It then can plug into an adapter or any USB port.


The pens are approximately $20 including charger. Of course there is variance in price depending on the color and model. There are additional costs for any case or accessory as well. The price of the CBD oil also depends on the location of purchase, brand, strength, and size of cartridge.


The pens are available in a variety of colors. Cases, lanyards, chargers and cartridges are also available for purchase to further customize the O.pen.


There is a lifetime warranty and replacement program for this vape pen. If it stops working for any reason, they will replace it in exchange for the broken product.

For anyone looking for a small and simple vape pen, I would recommend this one. It is easy to use and easy to take along. It is convenient and decently priced.

Originally posted 2017-10-26 10:20:41.