Reports Show An Increase In CBD Use For Pets

Reports Show An Increase In CBD Use For Pets


It’s a known fact that CBD, found in the cannabis plant, is incredibly beneficial to human health: it has been proven to reduce anxiety, promote restful sleep, alleviate chronic pain, lower blood sugar and even treat neurological conditions such as dementia and epilepsy. It’s only in the recent years we’ve come to understand the compound’s true values, and CBD is fast becoming one of the most popular natural medicines used to treat a wealth of physical and mental disorders.  

While it may be argued that understanding the benefits of CBD to humans should be prioritized, that’s not to say research hasn’t been done elsewhere to look at how the compound can positively impact on other species, including our pets. Read on to learn how your cat or dog may benefit from CBD:

CBD for dogs

A 2018 study organized by scientists in Portland, Maine saw dogs receive either 2mg of CBD per kilogram of weight, or a placebo drug, every 12 hours. The results found that the dogs that had consumed the CBD saw an increase in activity, and a significant decrease in pain- as well as presenting no side effects. These results encouragingly suggest that CBD presents similar benefits to dogs as it does to humans.

The potential side effects of giving CBD to your dog include red eyes, a dry throat, and a reduction blood pressure, all of which can also present in humans. It’s really about understanding the dosage of CBD you offer to your dog, and making sure you’re not taking it to unnecessary levels.

It is suggested that you start treatment for your dog at the lowest possible amount. 0.05mg of CBD per kilogram is recommended on a daily basis, and you should monitor your dog during these first few days to ensure a healthy response to treatment.

CBD for cats

It is difficult to source any legitimate studies that have focused on the effects of CBD on cats as of yet. Because cats are smaller than dogs, and metabolize things very differently, they would be at more risk of a CBD overdose if used incorrectly. However, with the right treatment, it is suggested that CBD may be just as beneficial to cats as it is to dogs. While it is said that CBD can alleviate anxiety and arthritis, and reduce epileptic seizures in cats, more research is needed to prove this.

In summary

Anyone who is considering using CBD for their pet should be met with a word of caution: there is not yet enough information about the compound to administer it with confidence. It may not be worth risking your pet’s health, even if you are doing it with the best of intentions.

More research is certainly needed into using CBD to treat pets, and unsurprisingly, using CBD on your cat or dog is not considered legal unless prescribed by a veterinarian. However, recent studies show promise that the compound will one day be used legally and successfully by many pet owners to improve the overall health and wellbeing of their animals.