San Diego Canna Event Elevates Dining Experience

Elevated Cooking Oils enhance each guests meal, to their own level of tolerance. 


Elevated Cooking Oils enhance each guests meal, to their own level of tolerance.

In America, weekends are what we live for. This time of year is also special for sports fans as we have the MLB playoffs happening, college and professional football is in full swing and the NBA is getting started.

This season, especially here in San Diego, also marks the beginning of outdoor social gatherings with plenty of food, music and of course a roaring fire pit. In typical All-American style, I spent my day watching the equally beloved and frustrating Oklahoma Sooners take on the Texas Longhorns in the annual Red River Rivalry, which they won!

Later that evening, I had the pleasure of attending a San Diego Canna Event, Elevated Experience, hosted by Robin Brumley who owns the amazing brand Elevated Cooking Oil. First and foremost, being from Oklahoma I never in my 38 years believed that an event like this was even possible and if I did, I never would have expected the food, and the overall experience, to be so memorable.

The host of the event, Earl, said “If you like good food and 1st class service, if you like people and fun, you will love this experience.” I could not have said it better myself. To my knowledge this is the first organized cannabis dinner event in San Diego and if the next ones are like this, I predict huge things for Robin, Elevated Cooking Oils, and San Diego Canna Events.

When I walked through the gate to Earl’s lovely backyard, surrounded by beautiful mountains in Chula Vista, CA, my breath was immediately taken away. It was as if the mountain range were decorations for Earl’s fantastic backyard.

There was a green flower smoking area right as you walk in, and as I walked around the corner I was greeted with a 25 person outdoor dinner table. The delightful sound of Jaime Shadowlight’s violin beautifully serenaded the guests as they entered. There was another sitting area that surrounded a roaring fire and waiters carried around trays of the most wonderful appetizers.

The first tray that I would not let pass me was Flat Iron steak on crostini with stone fruit compote featuring the Elevated Cooking’s Lemon Oil. Then shrimp on fried tortilla with avocado silk and pico de gallo features Elevated Cooking’s Habanero Oil. Both were fantastic and the guests loved it, but I must admit the star of the show was definitely roasted cauliflower on crostini with hummus and Elevated Cooking’s Garlic Oil. I think I had 8 or 9 of those, and no I am not kidding. They were that good.

I am not sure what was more impressive, the food, the people, the music, the home, the table decor (which were decorated with these beautiful flower and wood sculptures and within each one there was a delicate branch of the most beautiful cannabis flower that I have ever seen) or the fact that everyone who attended spent more time visiting with other guest than they did on their phones, and there was a football game on!

After the trays of elevated goodness were complete the guests hung out and talked as a band named Modern Day Moonshine started to jam the blues. Almost immediately, this had people dancing in their seats and even the dance floor; while arugula and frisée with fig balsamic poached pears, whipped goat cheese and figs with a lemon vinaigrette and Elevated Cooking’s Lemon Oil was delivered to our seats. By this time it has been around an hour and I believe the guests were starting to feel the effects of the “elevated” appetizers.

As I mentioned, this was my first cannabis dinner so I was unsure just how much was too much. But instead of erring on the side of caution and limiting the amount of elevated food I was eating, I decided to eat like it was my last meal and chow down on everything near my face. I cannot recommend everyone do this their first time attending at a cannabis dinner, unless of course you have someone driving you home. The effects of the appetizers and yummy salad were extremely mild, yet so pleasant.

Dinner, a Flat Iron with butternut squash purée, roasted baby potatoes, heirloom carrots and demi-glace with Elevated Garlic Oil was over the top excellent. The chefs, Josh and Jess Elmore, prepared each and every recipe with the detail and quality ingredients that you would expect in a 5-star restaurant, not a backyard get-together. Then again, when I’m eating in the backyard, it is usually hotdogs, hamburgers and the occasional steak. Like I said, I’m from Oklahoma, that’s what we do!

Josh Elmore said, “Every chef looks for a way to make their meals amazing and memorable.  Working with Elevated Oils gave us a chance to enchase the already amazing flavors and experience by adding an extra sense to the meal.  We enjoyed the flavors of the oils as finishing oils where the extra flavor really drove the dish home, but also the ability to hold off on the Elevation should our guest decide they had had enough.  When you think of THC in food, one tends to think of it as being cooked into the food.  Elevated Oils allows the chef to control how much THC is being given to each and every person making it yet another way that the experience is tailored to each guest.”

The dinner was wonderful and filling. I managed to eat my food within minutes, because I always eat like someone is trying to steal my food. The other guest, who choose to savor their food, ate slow enough to realize they were stuffed and still needed room for dessert, decided to make take home plates to have their elevated gourmet dinner as leftovers. Finishing my meal first allowed me to observe each and every moan of satisfaction with each chew. Overhearing comments like, “This is the best meal I have ever eaten” and “Do you think they will let us have seconds,” told me that Robin is on to something with San Diego Canna Events.

In between dinner and dessert, the Modern Day Moonshine was in full swing. They were killing it and the energy picked up amongst the guest. More people were dancing and the conversation was also getting more animated and fun. Have I mentioned how amazing the people were? I honestly have no idea what everyone did for a living that was in attendance because no one spoke about work, politics (other than when some of the guest found out I am running for Mayor) or anything else that would cause tension. We spoke about the Chargers coming back home where they belong, the upcoming holidays, music, and even shared funny stories about each other.

Have I mentioned that most of the people in attendance where strangers?

Bread pudding with fresh berries and cream anglaise was served for dessert. Normally, I can’t stand bread pudding but this was special, and not because of the THC, because there was none. The bread part of the bread pudding would have stood out on its own as a delicious cake, but berry and cream anglaise made it unforgettable. This also seemed to pleasantly surprise everyone in attendance.

When I first heard about San Diego Canna Events from Robin Brumley, I thought it was a brilliant idea and it made my imagination run wild thinking about who would show up for an event like this. I’m not a snob or a prude, and I love trying new things, so this was a no-brainer for me; but how many other people would be as open minded about this? I discovered the answer to be, all kinds of people, from every walk of life you can imagine and it was terrific!

There were multiple cultures, ethnicities, and age groups there and all were welcomed with open arms. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of and it made me wonder, how much of this welcoming vibe was because of our love of cannabis and good food or was it something else? Was this a fluke or will all cannabis events be like this? I don’t know and will not know until I attend the next event and every single one after. This night, thanks to Earl, Robin and the rest of the guests, was one of the most special evenings I have had in my adult life.

Robin Bromley said, “San Diego Canna Events provides an elegant ambiance, 5-star service and a memorable night for all guests. Partnering with Elevated Cooking Oil and pioneer chefs, we were able to create an indulging menu that offered a unique elevated culinary experience. We are looking forward to upcoming exclusive pop-up infused dinners in November and December.”

I am too.

Originally posted 2017-11-07 16:20:49.