STEAM AHEAD: Top Reasons To Make the Switch To a Vaporizer


Top Reasons To Make the Switch To a Vaporizer

Whether it’s for pain, depression, anxiety, or one of the endless reasons to take advantage of the benefits that come from using CBD…there will always be an important personal choice to make: how you take it.

Flower buds to smoke, edibles, drinks, etc. the list goes on. Taking that into account, there are plenty of people that haven’t explored all options yet. Obviously, the choice of how you take CBD is a personal one. But today, people are learning to lean towards an easy and safe choice: vaping.

Here are some of the reasons why switching to a vaporizer may be the best choice for you:

You Do Get What You Buy

Thanks to science, each strain of CBD has its specific qualities.  For example, you might want one that makes you sleepy…or one that makes you want to take a long walk on the beach or another that helps you capture interest and focus. Whatever the reason is, there’s a whole map of options for you to pinpoint exactly what you want. The good thing about vaporizing is that it allows you to get as close to that experience as you can. When smoking a flower bud, a lot of those qualities get burned away as soon as it’s used. So, you’re not getting the full effect. Vaporizing narrows that loss-gap significantly.

Remember, This is Also For a Healthier You 

There are some amazing benefits to using CBD products. Relieving pain, anxiety, etc. But the act of using CBD can cause some problems if it’s smoked. Inhaling any sort of combustion can harm your lungs when overused. Vaporizing eliminates that issue. Inhaling vapor is incredibly better for your lungs than inhaling smoke.

Benefits You Can Taste

Whether it’s flower buds to smoke or oils to vaporize, there is a growing list of flavors to choose from. The taste difference between smoking and vaporizing, however, is great. Smoking the bud burns away whatever flavor has been added to it. When vaping, the taste is prominent and exactly what you bought.

People Around?  Don’t Worry

You pretty much always know when someone is smoking cannabis. The smell is pretty specific and lingers. But when you smoke from a vaporizer, you get smells based on the flavor you purchased. Also, there’s no lingering smoke…the vape steam disappears almost instantly. So there’s no longer a reason to worry who’s smelling what.

Don’t Watch Your $ Go Up In Smoke

One thing you’ll definitely save, when using a vaporizer, is money. When you buy a flower bud to smoke, it continues to burn during the process. You’re essentially watching your product burn away in between puffs. With a vaporizer, it’s a controlled burn. In fact, you have the ability on most vaporizers to adjust the temperature based on how much you want to use at a time. Smoking flower buds give you no such option.

There are plenty of good reasons to switch from smoking flower buds to using a vaporizer. In the end, it’s a personal decision on what’s best to help you reap the benefits of using CBD products.