Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cannabis Lovers


Jewelry, Goods, and Delights

By Sierra Gruber

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, what will you get for your loved one? Accessories have become more popular with the growing popularity of cannabis. If you’re having trouble finding a gift for your love, check out some of these unique cannabis-friendly options.

1. Jewelry – The not-so-typical Valentine’s Day gift, Custom cannabis themed jewelry.

Maybe your other half is into science, THC, or just into jewelry. This necklace comes gift-ready, wrapped up in a box with a bow. The molecular structure of THC, made from recycled sterling silver, hangs from a chain and can be worn with essentially any outfit. 

Buy at Made with Molecules

This necklace is also available as CBD made of stainless steel with the color options of silver, black or gold finish at

Or how about a cannabis infused ring? These rings have real cannabis in them, however, they are not consumable in any way, in case you were wondering. You can find these on Etsy.

Buy on Etsy

2. Rolling papers- Dazzle your loved one with these classy 24K gold shine rolling papers. These rolls stand out for their looks, but also have a very slow burn to them. They are safe to inhale and add a little sparkle in your life, or more literally, into your ashtray.

Buy at Shine Papers

3. Cannabis Killer Candle– Light this up while lighting up! This candle is not ordinary, it covers up the odor, but it eliminates the smell and emanates a fresh scent. It can last for 90 hours of burn time. This candle will add a romantic touch while killing the smoke odor.

Buy at Beamer Smoke

4. Custom ashtray– These are useful for any smoker. They are easy to find and come in many designs. Handmade trays are available, making a unique gift. Etsy has plenty of these so you can find the one your love would most enjoy.

Buy on Etsy

5. Hemp wick holder– Purchase a custom hemp rope holder! If your love enjoys smoking and inhaling less butane, purchase some hemp rope and a holder. Use a lighter to catch the end on fire and light up the bud using the rope.

Buy on Etsy

6. Grinder– Order a custom grinder with initials, names, a heart, etc. Or purchase one of the many options from

Buy at Custom Herb Grinders

7. A Secret Stash– Keep it fresh. To store the bud, give your love a custom airtight box or jar to store their favorite cannabis. These are easy to find, there are plenty of cannabis related jars and boxes available on Etsy or your local smoke shop.

Buy on Etsy

8. Pot Pocket– This joint holder holds a few joints at a time in a discreet box that is easily carried in a pocket or purse. This is ideal for those who enjoy joints on the go.

Buy at Pot Pockets

9. Rolling Kit– Does your significant other prefer rolling their own joints? A rolling kit or tray is perfect for them. Check out some of these beautiful all natural bamboo rolling trays offered by Beamer Smoke.

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10. Hemp oil body rub– Everyone loves a good oil massage. Hemp oil is easy on skin and can be made at home or purchased on Amazon.


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11. Snacks, snacks, snacks -If you’re love already has everything they need, you can’t go wrong with a basket of their favorite snacks. They’ll love you that much more when they get the infamous munchies. Check out some pre-made snack basket options at Gourment Gift Baskets 

Buy at Gourmet Gift Baskets

12. Cannabis Infused Dinner – If you are looking for an activity instead of gifts, take them out to an entire cannabis infused dinner. Locally hosted in San Diego.

Find upcoming events at The Supper Club 

Originally posted 2018-02-07 15:00:12.