Why Should Parkinson Disease Patients Consume Cannabis

Why Should Parkinson Disease Patients Consume Cannabis

Parkinson’s is a disease of the nervous system wherewith over time the nervous system becomes weak and affects the different movements of the body. It is not immediate but slow, it can start with something as small as the shaking of hands or the vibration in one side, but then again fluctuations are familiar. Still, with time the diseases cause disoriented movements and stiffness.

Cannabis and the Parkinson disease 

There are motor and non-motor symptoms such as pain, insomnia, shaking of hands, rigidity, and stiffness in movements. A recent study conducted on Cannabis included 85 individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Why Should Parkinson Disease Patients Consume Cannabis

The majority was asked to take half a tablespoon of the leaves of Cannabis with whatever medicine was prescribed to them, and it was observed that amongst the 46% of individuals reported that they were better and felt a relief from the symptoms of Parkinson disease. The most common trait amongst the signs being shown by people who had the disease was bradykinesia, shaking and then the stiffness. A relief was observed from all three of the symptoms. 

Another research conducted showed twenty-two different patients that smoked Cannabis showed an improvement in specific symptoms such as loss of sleep was less. Some of the benefits of consuming Cannabis while a person has Parkinson are as follows, 

A calming effect

When an individual is going through a disease as severe as the Parkinson’s, it is very reasonable to be scared. Not to forget that the ones suffering from the disease were once normal so when things start to get out of hand or change, it is not only scary but alarming for the person that it is happening to and the people in their surrounding that is their family. Upon seeing the slightest symptoms or initial symptoms of Parkinson disease, an individual can act in an unusual way that is harmful to them.

Why Should Parkinson Disease Patients Consume Cannabis

Reason cannabis is essential for the patients of Parkinson’s are the observation of calming effect by them. Patients have observed a calming impact on stiffness of hands, their vibration has reduced, and dyskinesia has reduced too. 

Low levels of disability 

The disease targets movement of the body, which causes impairment and forces one to be dependent on others for even the smallest of things. Researchers observed that people who were consuming Cannabis had low levels of disability. 

They still felt uncomfortable, but their pain was less, and the stiffness in their hands was reduced to a reasonable level which shows the positive effects of Cannabis. Most of the patients reported that the progress was not excellent but average due to Cannabis which is much better considering the condition they were in before. 

Moreover, Cannabis has no side effects, and none of the other problems if faced were being worsened, so Cannabis has been working as a win for them.

Low levels of depression

When a person is going through something as dangerous as Parkinson disease, it is very reasonable to fall into depression. All the things that a person could do before quickly cannot be done by them now, and he is upsetting for them. Thus, depression is one of the most common symptoms that can be observed in the patient of Parkinson.

It has been observed in past studies that people consuming Cannabis have a better mood and tend to stay happy. The question that arises at this point is what if you smoke too much weed?.  There is a strong association between too much Cannabis and depression, and there are studies that claim that Cannabis causes depression also, but there is no hard proof for such a statement. Still, it can reduce depressive systems in a person.

Improved sleep

One of the most considerable symptoms of the disease is the loss of sleep which results in anxiety and a constant tension where the patient is scared that they won’t be able to sleep like they used to. From the recent studies conducted, it has been observed that people who consume Cannabis regularly have better patterns of sleep and tend to complain less as they are less cranky. 

Less contraction of muscles

One of the biggest things being faced in Parkinson is the contraction of muscles, also known as spasticity. In Colorado, and there was a resemblance seen to the past studies, which showed that Cannabis could make the non-motor symptoms go away. Cannabis does not only help with improved spasticity but can be used as an addition to improve the overall condition of a Parkinson patient.

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