Reviewing Wildflower: Introducing a New Way to Use CBD

Wildflower specializes in cannabidiol (CBD) products, which is a cannabis compound that is mostly used for medical needs, as it provides relief from a wide variety of medical issues. Wildflower uses natural hemp that does not use fertilizer or pesticides, so users will have the healthiest of CBD+ products. They use a supercritical fluid extraction that involves separating the oil from the hemp by immense pressure and carbon dioxide. The result is a plant that is somewhere between liquid and gas, but when the plant is in that state, THC, and CBD are easily extracted from it. This CBD is harnessed in Wildflower’s products, which range from common tools like vaporizers to hygienic products like scented soaps. Wildflower also offers Indica and Sativa vaporizers for those seeking more psychoactivity when they medicate. While their THC products cannot be purchased online, their CBD+ products can be bought anywhere in the United States. Wildflower is located in Bellingham, Washington, and is pervasive throughout the state, making it rare to find a Washington dispensary that does not carry any Wildflower products. One of the most popular items that Wildflower carries is its starter pack, a beginner’s guide to CBD.

For those new to using CBD products, Wildflower has a starter pack just for them. The Wellness Starter Kit is full of many different CBD products for users to try. This starter kit comes with a CBD cool stick, vanilla, and lavender soap, capsules, and Immunity and Ache vaporizers. The kit is valued at $290 but sells at $219, an incredible discount that nobody could pass up.

The Immunity and Ache vaporizers are similar in their makeup. They come with a total of 500mg of CBD, which is roughly around 150 puffs of the vaporizer. While the Ache vaporizers help with common muscle and bone problems that CBD helps remedy, the Immunity vaporizer specifically helps calm the symptoms of those with stomach pains or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Each of the vaporizers comes in a different flavor; the Immunity vaporizers come in a cinnamon flavor, while the Ache vaporizer comes in a fresh rosemary and mint flavor.

Although the cool sticks are nice to use after a workout or a hike,  Wildflower also offers more casual use of CBD. Sometimes it’s easier to vape and Wildflower delivers with its own pen. Wildflower vaporizers provide on average 2mg of THC or CBD. The vaporizer has light sensors that flicker to let the user know when they have consumed the right amount. Wildflower suggests that users should receive around 10 to 30mg of CBD daily. Most CBD edible products offer around 2 to 5 per piece. Users can get just as much out of puff as they can with an edible.

Wildflower offers two types of sticks as topicals in the Wellness Starter Kit: the healing stick and the cooling stick. The healing stick costs more than the cooling stick since they offer slightly different types of relief. While the cooling stick happens to be a more immediate fix to pain, the healing stick provides more anti-inflammatory relief to joint, muscle, and bone aches than the cooling stick does. Along with the cool sticks, Wildflower also has a bottle of CBD capsules in each starter kit. Each capsule contains 1mg of CBD, and each bottle has about 30 capsules. Because Wildflower’s suggested dosage per person is only one to two per day, they recommend getting 10mg of CBD through other products.

Lastly, the Wellness Starter Kit comes with two types of soap. The soap comes in both lavender and vanilla but provides the same benefit, so it comes down to the smell preference of each customer. The soap focuses on skin softness and smoothness, improving not only the overall health of the skin but also helping it retain its youthful vigor.

In addition to all of the CBD products, Wildflower also offers THC products. They have four different vaporizers: sun, moon, eclipse, and balance. Sun is a Sativa dominant, and the moon is its other half, Indica. Eclipse is a hybrid for those who love the best of both worlds, and balance is a mix of THC and CBD for those who just want a little bit of THC in their life. THC and CBD live together in the cannabis world, keeping a healthy balance in life. While THC can help with certain ailments, CBD is far more effective in helping people with anxiety. This is mostly due to the fact that CBD is anti-psychoactive. In many cases, CBD has been used to offset the effects from inhaling or ingesting too much THC.  

Wildflower Inc. is a publicly traded company and any venture capitalist can find information on investing right on their website. On the website, potential investors can find quarterly figures and current operations that Wild Flowers is undertaking. For those who are not only looking for cannabis to consume but to make money with cannabis, Wildflower is the company to prospect.