Why You Need to Get on Board with Cannabis Legalization Around the World

If you’re not a fan of cannabis use, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the argument. And it’s not that you aren’t entitled to your opinion, but when entire governments are onboarding cannabis legalization and putting protocols into place to allow the sale and use of recreational cannabis on the open market, you might just have to swallow your pride and admit that it can’t all be bad. 


Despite your initial reactions, have you given it any more thought or even tried to see the legalization arguments from the perspective of someone who actually uses recreational cannabis? Many people don’t, and they approach this kind of thing from the perspective that their mind is made up. End of story. 


But we all know that “hard and fast” decision making is dangerous. If you are unwilling to at least hear people out about why they want to use recreational cannabis, or why governments are saying it is okay – to a point – to use recreational cannabis, then you might have to do some deep thought about what else you have shot down before hearing all the facts. 


Much of the work being done in the wake of legalization has been around keeping kids safe and keeping cannabis out of the hands of minors. But kids have a way of getting what they want, and now that the recreational cannabis is going to be legal in places such as Canada, kids can get what they want in a much easier fashion. 


Of course, kids are going to get their hands on recreational cannabis whether it’s legal or not. If they were doing it before, they will continue to do it. But that’s no reason for you to continue to fight the idea of legalization cannabis now or in the future. What you might try doing is taking the approach that each person is responsible to make a choice related to whether or not they will engage in the use of cannabis. Instead of trying to convince others that it’s not a good idea for them, focus on why it’s not a good idea for you. You do not have to agree with the legalization, but you need to realize that it is happening whether you agree with it or not, so your time is better spent on more pressing matters. If you don’t use cannabis, this is unlikely to impact you in any way.


Online headshops won’t be selling recreational cannabis in Canada unless they have government approval. The vetting process to allow companies to sell recreational cannabis has been rigorous and ongoing assessment is part of the plan to help people feel safe and comfortable in using recreational cannabis that is approved by the government. 


There’s even talk of beverage companies, such as Coca-Cola, getting in on the CBD action. Will you turn your back on Coca-Cola if they start lining the shelves with cannabis-infused Coke? This thing goes much deeper than your neighbor who lights up from time to time. So why do you need to get on board with it? Because once you accept that it is happening and that you can buy recreational cannabis in public, legally, you can start to understand it. If you continue to deny it or try to convince others to deny it, you’ll only be hurting yourself. 


Be sure you are getting your information from a reputable source. Make sure you are vetting your sources. Don’t just take what Bob down the road said about legalization to heart. Bob doesn’t know what he’s talking about either. If you have done your due diligence and have the facts, you can separate yourself from cannabis all you want, but until you have all the information, as a citizen of Canada or any other country, you have an obligation to find correct information before making a final decision about recreational cannabis being legalized. 


Because even if in the end you decide that you aren’t on board with it after getting all the information, then at least you can have an intelligent conversation about it and not come across as an ignorant know-it-all. Nobody wants to be ignorant.