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Bongs to Bubblers: Water Pipe 101

Bongs to Bubblers: Water Pipe 101

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When it comes to cannabis there are many different ways to smoke it; either through a pipe, joints, water pipes, rigs, or— if times are tough— with an apple. One of the most popular and universally used methods of smoking marijuana is smoking with a water pipe. Water pipes are any pipe that requires you to add water to them before puffing out of it. Understanding these pipes and the different styles will help you as a smoker, increasing your ability to pick and chose which one is best for your smoking needs.

What are water pipes?

Most cannabis users who frequently smoke marijuana will know what a dry pipe is. They are very standard and safe for any smoker. If you are trying to get a better experience when smoking marijuana and enjoy using a pipe, then investing in a water pipe is in your best interest.

Water pipes are smoking devices usually used for cannabis or tobacco that use the addition of water as a filtration system. According to Mile High Glass Pipes, water pipes differ from other types of pipes because they, “cool the smoke being inhaled by passing it through one or several chambers filled with water or ice. The more contact the smoke has with the water, the cooler and smoother the smoke. Although these devices vary in size, shape, and complexity the one thing they all have in common is delivering a pleasantly refreshing smoking experience.” This experience is one of the main reasons why smokers all around rave about using water pipes when smoking. You can achieve not only a cleaner smoking experience but also you can intake more smoke than you would when using a regular dry pipe.

Types of Water Pipes


Bubblers are essentially a bigger dry pipe but with water at the base. These pipes are perfect for smokers that don’t want to carry around a huge pipe.  And are conveniently sized to fit it into any smoke bag. Easy to take on the go, bubblers can give smokers the experience of using a handheld and a water pipe in one, promising a cleaner smoking experience each and every time.

Bubblers come in many different styles that you can pick and choose from when checking them out at your local smoke shop. The two main types of bubblers are Hammerhead bubblers and Sherlock bubblers. Hammerhead bubblers get their name from the stylistic resemblance to a hammer. What makes them different from the basic bubbler is the fact that they have a built-in carb to help with filtration. Hammerhead bubblers are where the bowl and the chamber are fused together, which is then attached to a long stem. These Bubblers are perfect for those who are ready to try something new with water pipes. Sherlock bubblers get their name from the likeness to the pipe that is donned by one of the most famous detectives. Curved into an “S” shape, these Bubblers are beautiful and are often free-standing pipes.


One of the most popular styles of water pipes is the classic bong. A little different from the bubbler. Bongs have a styling that gives them a more significant and more intense way of smoking cannabis. Bongs vary in height; these larger glass pieces rang in height from as small as 4 inches, up to 12 feet or higher!

Bongs, unlike bubblers, they have the anatomy to them that is a little more complicated than the simple cross-breed between a water pipe and dry pipe. Bongs have a multi-functioning system with different pieces that end up forming the larger water pipe. All of the parts and filters create an even cleaner and more enjoyable smoking experience for those committed to glass pipes. There are three main types of bongs, each one capable of delivering a refreshing and smooth experience.

The most basic form of a bong, the straight tube bong is exactly that: a straight tube. These are for smokers that don’t want any gizmos or frills when it comes to their water pipes. Just put in some water in, and it’s time to smoke!

Beaker bongs follow the same basic concept as the straight tube bong, except the bottom of the base is shaped like that of a beaker. The base flares out so that more smoke can form, making extra room for some additional smoke inhalation each time you take a hit.

For the more advanced smoker who wants to go the extra mile to ensure their hits are clean and filtered, the multi-chamber bong is a perfect choice. These bongs can be pricier due to their complex anatomy, and their multi-chamber structure. Allowing them to get dirtier much quicker than standard bongs. So be sure to clean them often if you do end up investing in one.

Whatever type of smoker you are, picking out the perfect water pipe comes down to commitment and the style of smoker you are. If you are on-the-go and want something convenient, then go for a bubbler. But if you’re going to invest in a smoother way of smoking through glassware and enjoy having larger glass pieces. Then consider committing to a bong. Whatever water pipe you end up picking, be sure to clean it. This will ensure that the water stays fresh so everytime you take a hit, it’s as pure as the first.


Styles of Bongs


Straight Tube Bong


Beaker Bong


Multi-Chamber Bong


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