How to Clean a Bong

A women holding a clean bong

Most smokers do not schedule time to clean their bong, or really think about it for that matter. Maintenance tends to be very time-consuming. When your bong is filthy, holds a musty color and the taste is nothing like your quality herb, it is time, to take time to rejuvenate your bong with a thorough cleaning, even if you’re feeling lazy.

Cleaning your bong will ultimately enhance you, the users, overall experience. Bongs are one of the most popular ways of smoking flower. To truly experience this greatness you need to remember to regularly give your bong some TLC. Breaking your bong can be very stressful. Be careful while cleaning it, so you do not damage your piece! Here’s the complete guide you’ll need to learn how to clean a bong or water pipe.

Signs That You Need to Clean Your Bong

Changing the bong water and regularly cleaning the piece will improve the effects of your smoking experience. Listed below are some signs bong users can watch out for when wondering if it time to clean your bong: 

·Cloudy film

·Thick buildup

·Discolored bong water

·Smelly bong water

·Visible mold

How often should I clean my bong?

Daily bong cleaning is commonly referred to by critics as, overkill. If you have the time, why not improve your sesh. Just clean your bong! For regular smokers changing bong water should be second nature. When bong water is left to sit, bacteria and harmful toxins grow on the inside of the glass. Dirty bong water will hurt your lungs and create a horrible odor. Taking care of your bong is also taking care of your health!

If you are an everyday smoker, cleaning your bong every one to two days should become a habit. Using a clean piece is the healthiest and most efficient way to use a bong. Remember to let the bong dry completely before putting it away.

A newly cleaned bong with fresh water will always make your experience must tastier. Along with a much more effective sesh, you will be minimizing health concerns. Without TLC your bong will begin to accumulate a slimy buildup on its inner walls; similar to the discoloration you find in your shower or bathtub. These buildups can contain thousands of bacteria’s and fungi. To avoid health concerns clean your bong after every use and avoid using dirty water. 

8 Step Bong Cleaning Process

Step 1: Disassemble your bong

Clean all bong pieces, accessories, and bowls separately. This will prevent anything from breaking due to vigorous cleaning. 

Step 2: Leave the larger pieces to soak

Larger pieces should be placed in a bowl filled with warm water. The water will assist in removing thick film and dirt..If your bong is a cold piece use lukewarm water to avoid shattering.

* If your bong is hard to hold use a towel to improve your grip. 

Step 3: Use pipe cleaners to rid of dirt and clean tight areas

Most pieces of dirt and film should come off easily after soaking. If this is not the case and you come across stubborn pieces, use a pipe cleaner to buffer them off.

Step 4: Soak the smaller pieces

The smaller the piece, the more fragile it is. Place each piece into a separate plastic bag. Doing so will prevent anything from shattering from contact. Add warm water to each bag to alleviate slime and grime buildup. 

Step 6: Fill the bag and bowl with rubbing alcohol/vinegar

The Isopropyl in rubbing alcohol and/or the alkali in the vinegar helps to remove excess stains and dirt. If the alcohol or vinegar alone does not work, add salt. This will create a rough scrub and should uplift all stubborn pieces. 

*The alcohol prevents the salt from dissolving.

Step 7: Shake the bag

Shake each bag lightly for about 2 minutes or until each individual piece looks visibly clean.. Shaking the bag will rinse and rid of all excess cleaning products on them. Be careful not to shake the bag too hard as you may risk cracking some of your pieces. 

Step 8: Rinse all the pieces.

Make sure to rinse all of your bong pieces thoroughly in the sink. This rinse will remove all the chemicals used to clean as well as all the excess dirt residues. Not doing so may become a health hazard. 

After completing all 8 steps, your bong should be sparkling clean and ready to be sparked up!