How is Medical Marijuana Different from Recreational Weed

Medical Marijuana buds on a table

How Is Medical Marijuana Different From Recreational Weed

The use of medical marijuana for treating chronic diseases has become a rising trend in Australia as well as the rest of the world. And the reason for this is not difficult to ascertain.

Medical cannabis contains several cannabinoids that have been proven to be beneficial for a wide variety of medical conditions. Ranging from arthritis to Alzheimer’s, the use of this innocuous plant has shown remarkable benefits.

However, there’s still a lingering apprehension in the minds of the general populace when it comes to marijuana use. This stems from the stigma that’s usually attached to recreational marijuana and it’s a negative impact.

Today, we’re here to clear the air on the difference between medical marijuana and recreational weed.

After going through the following, we hope that readers will have no further hindrances in accepting marijuana as a medicine.

THC vs. CBD: The Main Difference

The primary difference between medical marijuana and its recreational variant lies in the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) levels. While both are cannabinoids actively present in marijuana, the medical variety has a greater level of CBD, while recreational marijuana has more THC. 

Now THC, though medicinally beneficial, has intoxicative properties that are usually associated with cannabis use. CBD, on the other hand, is primarily medicinal and is highly beneficial in a number of conditions. These include anxiety disorders, PTSD, and even cancer.

While recreational, unregulated marijuana may have an improper CBD-to-THC ratio, medical marijuana has a balanced level of the same. This makes it suitable for use in treating ailments, without the adverse side effects.

The Cultivation Process

The next major difference between medical and recreational marijuana is in the cultivation process. Medical marijuana is cultivated indoors, in a highly controlled environment, to ensure the quality of the product. 

Also, cannabis for medical use is strictly cultivated without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This means the end product is a lot safer and of better quality.

However, recreational weed is usually cultivated with fewer restrictions. Mainly grown outdoors, this variety may be cultivated using questionable agricultural practices. Naturally, the quality and efficacy of such marijuana are also suspect.

The Shopping Experience

The third difference is in the place from where you can get marijuana. Medically approved marijuana is sold by registered medical centres which are licensed to sell the same. These centres have trained staff and doctors who are authorised to provide medical advice.

Recreational marijuana, on the other hand, is sold by shops that don’t really have medical experience. The staff at these shops is usually untrained, and it’s best not to look for medical advice from them. Plus, the marijuana they provide may not be of high quality.


We hope that the above differentiation has cleared all your doubts regarding the difference between medical cannabis and recreational marijuana. 

Medically approved marijuana is a safe and controlled medicinal product that can help across a wide range of conditions. Therefore, it’s absolutely safe and separate from recreational weed.