Cloudious- Hydrology 9 “Liquid Filtration Reinvented”

This unique design including innovative technology, leak proof chambers and light settings, sets this piece apart from other vaporizers. The quality is exceptional, and this piece is recommended for anyone wanting to vape.

Whether one enjoys using a water pipe, or is looking for a vaporizer, this piece is very smooth.

Usage – This is not the easiest vape piece to use, but once you know your desired settings, you’re good to go. You must add your bud and water into the designated chambers, then put it on one of the five desired heat settings, recognized by colors.

Next, wait for it to turn green, meaning it’s ready to go. Once it has turned green, one simply must draw from the mouthpiece the desired amount, no buttons required! It turns a cool blue when the session is over, then one can begin again, setting the desired heat and wait for it to turn green.

Taste/consistency – Depending on the flower chosen, the taste may change, but the inhalation is very smooth and clean. It is very easy to draw from, without any harshness.

Unique Design – The design of this piece is unique, as the design was intended to integrate traditional water pipe with vape. Each piece is made of high quality material, including space grade aluminum alloy, Borosilicate glass and food grade porcelain. At the bottom of the piece, made of stainless steel is a stir so that the flower may be distributed to heat evenly. The top cap is magnetic and creates a spill proof seal.

This vape also has two extra light settings apart from when it is in use, a lava lamp mode and a party mode. The lava lamp mode can only be reached while the piece is cooled and it is a slow alternating change in the colors, but once it heats up, the party mode can be reached; a quicker pace of the alternating colors.

Accessory- The case is recommended for any travel purposes, it also keeps it safe when not in use, and is inconspicuous.

Price – This vaporizer is higher end, and costs around $250 on the site. It comes with a charger and a complete cleaning tool kit. The nice leather bound case in which it fits perfect adds another $50.

Cleaning – The tools to clean and maintain the piece are included in the package, however the maintenance may be considered tedious. There are many small pieces to clean, however it does not need to be completely cleaned after each use, and all the tools needed are included.

Overall, this piece may be difficult to use at first, and may require a tedious cleaning occasionally, but the quality and technology of the piece are worth the price.