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Kpen by Kurvana Impresses With Its Battery and Fruity Vape Cartridges


Kpen by Kurvana Impresses With Its Battery and Fruity Vape Cartridges

Kpen Infusions Brings Taste to the Forefront

By Andy Simmons

Kurvana is not just another vape company that provides high concentrated THC products. Kurvana brings the slick style with its pocket-sized black pen that is easily concealed by those who do not have the best sleight of hand, and it stands out in its selection of cartridges, focusing on overall taste to make it a more social and passable pen.

The Kurvana pen, known also as Kpen, is slender and buttonless. It has a light-up indicator that flashes for the user when they have a perfect hit. The pen has a .510 thread size, which is compatible with some other off brand cartridges, and it uses a USB to charge its battery, making it convenient for vapers. The Kpen battery by Kurvana is priced to 15 dollars, which is slightly cheaper than normal for batteries. The battery charge lasts as long as usual for any type of pen, but is durable as it doesn’t lose its charge length over time. Though the pen has perfectly mixed style with discreteness, Kurvana’s charm and originality is seen through their selection of cartridges, especially their colorful Infusions catalogue.  

The Kurvana pens brings both sweetness and sourness, bitterness and tanginess to its wide range of flavorful cartridges. While they offer strain flavors in Kpen Originals, they also offer a mix of delicious non-strain flavors in their Kpen Infusions. Kpen Infusions set out to really accentuate the taste with flavors like Banana Smoothie and Sunset Tea. But by far the one that stands out the most has to be the Passion Fruit.

Unlike other vape companies, Kurvana’s primary focus is on taste as the smoke holds such a decadent flavor that it will impress even those with dry taste-buds. The Kpen Infusions keeps each puff fresh and smooth with its wildly organic mixture of botanical and fruity flavors. Each Infusion extracts multiple of potent flavors to make a savory aroma. Sunset Tea, a High-CBD flavor, blends lavender, summer rose, and white cucumber tea to make a spicy kick for those who aren’t looking for the psychoactive aspect of vaping. Another CBD dominant flavor, Banana Smoothie, brings a lush and rich taste derived by the bunches of fruit by its same name. Kool Mint is a sativa-dominant flavor that is exactly what is in its name: a cool, smooth flowing mint that freshens the vaper’s breath with crisp naturalness. And lastly, Passion Fruit mixes tropical fruitiness in its heavy indica flavor that will fill the room with aromatic fervor. With only a total of four flavors, and two of the flavors as CBD dominant, Infusions lack any THC dominant flavors. Only Passion Fruit, indica dominant, and Kool Mint, sativa dominant, has high THC output for the Infusions, so vapers are limited in selection.

What the Infusions truly bring is the hookah-lounge type taste without the over-abundance of tobacco smoke. The Infusions guarantee a welcoming vape pen that is accessible to users who want to be able to take it anywhere on the go, but also a taste that will dominate the conversations with its Jamba-Juice-like concoction. As it can be enjoyed by itself, users will be missing ample opportunities to hijack conversations with Kpen Infusions.   

Although the taste is long-lasting for Kpen Infusions, the fragrance is not as the smell lingers as long as the vape smoke is present.  The smoke produced by the Kurvana is quite larger than those from other cannabis vape companies but not as obnoxious like its estranged cousins, the e-cigarette. It is built to be social and to be passed around for its taste and smell. Unfortunately, Kurvana only offers the four flavors listed above in its Infusion catalogue. However, it does offer a much larger selection in its cannabis strain flavor collection that can be just as enticing and delectable as the Infusion. As one of the more common strains from Kervana, Girl Scout Cookie accentuates the doughy gingerness and sweet butteriness compared to other brand cartridges of the same strain. Kurvana offers a total of 11 different cannabis strains in its Kpen Originals as opposed to the 4 different flavors in its Infusions.  The one downside to Kurvana is their limited selection as it hasn’t grown in selection as have the other companies.

The shortcomings of Kpen are far and few between, but the category they lack in vaping concentrates is its THC-testing. With the mean of their THC-testing of their non-CBD strains revolving around 67 percent and the highest graded at 71 percent, Kpen is slightly less than its competitors by a few percentage points. Kpen sacrifices a bit of its potency for flavor but is a nice vape for those who seek not only a smooth but a long-lasting taste. Though the strain-flavors provide a distinct taste to each strain, the best product by Kurvana are its Kpen Infusions with its creative blend of flavors, which provides the best example of what type of vape company Kurvana wants to be.  


By Andy Simmons


Originally posted 2018-01-31 10:00:55.