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Quick Review of Cannabis Cannabinoids for Common Medical Use

    There are hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, most unidentified and in such small amounts that can be difficult to pinpoint. However there...
cannabis leaf with water drops

What are the Differences Between Kratom and Cannabis

Kratom and cannabis are two distinct substances with different origins, chemical compositions, and effects. Here's a breakdown of their differences: Plant Source: Kratom is derived from...

From Hollywood to Hollyweed

Cannabis takes over the concrete jungle. Thanks to a prank that altered the infamous Hollywood sign earlier this year, many are jokingly calling it Hollyweed. The...
a woman vaping

Product Review: O.Pen Vaporizer

Small (travel sized) This pen can fit in a wallet, it is not big and bulky like many other vape pens. It is about the...


Have you heard about CBD, but not sure of what are the uses and benefits? Do you want to undertake it, but you aren't...
drug epidemic hands grabbing pills

How Cannabis Can Help Combat the Opioid Epidemic

The potential benefits of cannabis are widely recognized among the American public and have been the subject of debate for decades since its legalization...

Cannabis vs. Pain: How a Flower Eases Chronic Pain

The Growing Evidence of Cannabis’ Efficacy in the Treatment of Pain There’s an unfortunate discrepancy between what science knows and what the United States’ Federal...
a women smoking a joint

5 Simple Ways to Make Joints Burn Slower and Last Longer

Controlling joint burn speed for maximized enjoyment If everyone who consumed cannabis also grew it, marijuana would cost mere pennies. Not everyone has a green...

Delivering an Anxiety Eliminating Punch in a Tiny Package

If there was one immutable truth about the cannabis industry, it would be this: innovation is a part of the game. Despite its earliest...

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Hands rolling a joint

Easy Guide on How to Roll the Perfect Joint

Rolling a joint is a skill that has been popular for decades among cannabis enthusiasts. It's a great way to enjoy the full flavor...
Gator Breath Bud with Seeds Gator Breath seeds on them.

Why Do People Love Gator Breath Seeds?

Gator breath is an excellent option for a cannabis strain that packs a punch and leaves a long-lasting impression. The popularity of Gator Breath...
A man wondering Does THC, CBD or Cannabis have an adverse effect on your Memory?

Does THC, CBD or Cannabis have an adverse effect on your Memory?

Lately, discussions regarding cannabis have been rampant. Seemingly, two points of view emerge from all these discussions. On the one hand, is the idea...
6 different Ways to Use Cannabis set out on a table

Different Ways to Use Cannabis

There are numerous ways to utilize cannabis, offering various methods of consumption and benefits. Smoking remains one of the most common approaches, involving the...
a woman lying down show her face after using FLORA + BAST's, ceramide products

Understanding Ceramides and Their Role in Skincare

Evaluating FLORA + BAST's CBD/CBG Ceramide Products Ceramides have gained significant attention in the skincare industry for their role in maintaining the skin's barrier function...


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