Different Ways to Use Cannabis

6 different Ways to Use Cannabis set out on a table

There are numerous ways to utilize cannabis, offering various methods of consumption and benefits. Smoking remains one of the most common approaches, involving the combustion or vaporization of dried cannabis flowers, which allows for rapid onset and customizable dosing. Edibles provide an alternative option, where cannabis-infused products such as baked goods, candies, or beverages deliver cannabinoids through the digestive system, leading to a delayed but more prolonged effect.

Tinctures and oils, taken orally or sublingually, offer precise dosing and discreet administration. Additionally, topical applications such as lotions or creams infused with cannabis extract can provide localized relief for pain or inflammation. Lastly, advancements in technology have given rise to vaporizers, which heat cannabis concentrates or oils to produce vapor for inhalation, offering a smoke-free alternative with efficient cannabinoid delivery. Each method caters to different preferences and desired outcomes, showcasing the versatility of cannabis use.

Which is For You?

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Smoking Cannabis

A BongPerhaps the smoothest and most natural to inhale out of the smoking methods. An ash catcher and cold water and ice is the perfect combination for a smooth smoking sensation.

Small water pipes – If a bong is intimidating or too large for the circumstance, a little water pipe may be a good choice. These are small and somewhat easy to conceal or carry with you to a neighbor’s or friend’s house for instance.

Joint– The classic roll-em-up method. Joints pack a lot of bud into a small space to be smoked just like a cigarette. These can be purchased at a dispensary or self-rolled with a variety of available roll materials. Some may enjoy it with a tobacco roll well others with an organic pure hemp roll. You may even enjoy the expensive look of the golden roll papers. Roll papers are usually made out of plant material.

When smoking, the herb is burned releasing the active THC ingredient; the THC enters the bloodstream and brain. Smoking may cause some inflammation and irritation in the lungs, causing a cough when used. Smoking cannabis has not been linked to causing cancer.


This is a great alternative to smoking if you are looking for a smooth hit without the hassle of a lighter. There are many vape mechanisms available to choose from and cannabis may be purchased in different forms such as oil and bud.

Oil vape 

Concentrated forms of CBD, THC or both are available in a variety of vape pens. Dispensaries may offer different dosages and ratios of CBD and THC for consumers of all types. Oils which contain a higher amount of CBD may provide less of a “high” effect, but more of a relaxing result and the oils containing higher amounts of THC may be used to feel more of the psychological effects.


There are also vaporizers that use flower or bud, but instead of burning it and inhaling the carcinogenic ash, the device heats it up just enough to activate the resin to be inhaled. The consumer may use any their favorite strains to receive the desired results. It is easier on the lungs because they don’t have to filter out as much excess material that would be created by smoking.

Smoking or vaping may not be as effective for those who need high doses for conditions such as cancer because of the lower bioavailability.


These can be homemade or found as a variety of goodies in dispensaries. Homemade treats are usually more difficult to measure the percentage of the THC as the amount depends on the strain and processing of the cannabis.

One popular homemade item is cannabis-infused coconut oil. It can be used topically or in cooking or smoothies, etc. It is not too difficult to make and can last for a while. It is also a healthy alternative to some of the sugary treats such as the famous brownie edibles.

Dispensaries offer a variety of edibles from baked goods to candies to infused water. These are labeled with the amount of THC per serving, making it easier to take the correct dose. It is recommended to beginners to start out with a smaller portion test the reactions at first, and then move to larger doses as needed.

Edibles enter the body through the digestive system as opposed to the lungs as the previous methods. Because of this, the results may take longer to work, may stay in the system longer and have a higher potency. Lower doses of these are suggested to start in order to find the suiting comfort level, even for someone who smokes regularly.

Oils –

Tinctures- These are alcohol-based cannabis extracts that are good for fast-acting relief. A few drops taken sublingually will immediately start working in the body by entering the arterial blood supply under the tongue. These are odorless and easy to control the dosages. One can start with a couple of drops and take more if needed.


Concentrated cannabis oil can be found in capsule form and taken like a pill. This allows someone to get a highly concentrated amount in one easy dose.

Body Creams 

For localized relief, a topical cream can be applied to the area of discomfort. This is useful for arthritis, muscle pain, inflammation, dermatitis, and some skin irritations. They can be purchased or made at home.

There may be many ways to consume or use cannabis, but one thing they may all have in common is the side effect of the munchies. So when you decide to try one out, don’t forget to be prepared with snacks!