Sierra Gruber

6 different Ways to Use Cannabis set out on a table

Different Ways to Use Cannabis

There are numerous ways to utilize cannabis, offering various methods of consumption and benefits. Smoking remains one of the most common approaches, involving the combustion or vaporization of dried cannabis flowers, which allows for rapid onset and customizable dosing. Edibles provide an alternative option, where cannabis-infused products such as baked goods, candies, or beverages deliver…

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From Hollywood to Hollyweed

Cannabis takes over the concrete jungle. Thanks to a prank that altered the infamous Hollywood sign earlier this year, many are jokingly calling it Hollyweed. The numbers of entertainers advocating for cannabis has only elevated cannabis awareness. In fact, some celebrities are already or are getting involved in the cannabis industry themselves. These celebrities have a large…

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DaVinci IQ Product Review

It is sleek, easy to use, made with quality materials, and has innovative technology for any level of vapor. It arrives in a neat wooden box with many accessories, including a hat. The elegant device is called DaVinci IQ. This device is the future of vapes. Sleek Design – The exterior of this piece is very…

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