DaVinci IQ Product Review

It is sleek, easy to use, made with quality materials, and has innovative technology for any level of vapor. It arrives in a neat wooden box with many accessories, including a hat. The elegant device is called DaVinci IQ.

This device is the future of vapes.

Sleek Design – The exterior of this piece is very simple and sleek. There are three buttons on the side; one for power and the other two to control temperatures. It is a small hand-held device, easy to transport, and inconspicuous. There are a few colors to choose from, including this limited-edition olive.

User-friendly – With only three buttons and an easily accessible app, the settings are easy to change to suit your needs. The Smart Path Technology allows the user to set the device to the precise temperature they desire for each session between 250- 430 degrees.

There is a boost mode for a larger hit, which will increase the temperature to the max, and then it will automatically switch into cool-down mode.

Cleaning the piece is also very easy with the tools provided.

Very Smooth – Made with high-quality ceramic zirconia mouthpiece and airpath chamber, the vapor from this piece is very smooth on intake. The flower heats up evenly, providing the purest taste.

ExtrasFlavor Chamber- Inside the IQ, there is a small tube chamber where one can add basil, lavender, mint, or other dried herbs for aromatherapy which enhances the flavor when in use.  This chamber can also be used to carry a refill of flowers.

Mouthpiece – An extra mouthpiece is included, that doubles as an adapter to your choice of water pipe so you can have that extra filtration.

Technology – This device has an app! Once you have your DaVinci turned on, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth which includes the device temperature, settings, FAQs, Smart paths, support and a shop button. It tells the user how many times its been used on each path.

The device also vibrates when turned on, off, or to signify when it is ready to be used.

This device is recommended to any level user looking for a quality piece with innovative technology. As Leonardo Davinci made Mona Lisa smile, this Davinci will make you smile.

This product is not for everyone but you might want to give it a try.